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  1. 'Alec and I are treating ourselves to a restaurant meal, as usual, after the kids ate bowls of cold cereal, pretty much the only food they know. But I thought I'd take a selfie of my boob, jewelry, and one of the maladjusted children that I've collected and handed off to nannies to raise, before we leave. Any negative thoughts or opinions about this will be considered bullying and maybe make me commit suicide.'

  2. Is that his private separate life quarters. I mean we all know he’s a disengaged, pop in for the gram type of PeePaw. No diapers, no time real spent, no real in-depth relationships with any of the 6. Just obligatory check-ins. And then he disappears to his lair to pontificate on the past with these hot air nonsensical blatherings.

  3. He’s got that high end tv projector on the ceiling so obviously he sits in there by himself drinking and watching Glengarry Glen Ross and Hunt for Red October and imagines the life he could’ve had instead of the living HELL he’s created for himself and his prisoner rugrats. I don’t think he gives two shits about Hillary anymore, she’s a massive liability

  4. She looks like she’s doing a weight loss scam/infomercial/GMC supplements ad from the 1980s

  5. They're referring to a scenario Alec wrote about in his book.

  6. Do people still buy magazines? Who are these for? I was an avid reader of junk magazines 20+ years ago. Haven’t bought a magazine in years

  7. I only read one positive comment. It’s not only pepino that loathe these two

  8. Is this from the video in early 2020 when they thought surrogate was having twins. Dancing around like fools

  9. “Look at me, look at my body. Take that you lazy, fat, unattractive, jealous new moms”. Hils is a horrible person. And shame on the rag for even printing this nonsensical article.

  10. Wow, if they’re doing this as children, what will happen when they are teenagers?

  11. Most of her time is spent posing + lying down in full make-up, taking pics.

  12. It's about time rich white women got to be free to live their lives.

  13. Hillary’s whole “trauma” is due to being caught in her life of lies. She’s an overly privileged, pampered bitch who has no identity other than being a breeder for Baldwin brats.

  14. Just burst out laughing Noc; fantastic 😆😂👍🏻

  15. He still is! I saw him in concert two years ago and he was wearing leather pants 😂 but he’s still got it!!!!

  16. It was too hot to wear the heavy/bigger moon bump. So, she wore the “summer collection” moonbump

  17. WTF…..she is so sick. CPS, please rescue these poor children from their demonic mother!

  18. Forget CPS. The organization is overworked, underpaid and they do the bare minimum at best.

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