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  1. Zoner is kinda like, keeping people away from a distanced to get a one up on them, charge is like going in headfirst

  2. Why tf did you get downvoted lmao???

  3. Brings a whole new meaning to sweet jelly filled donut :2475:

  4. I’ve been having trouble with that a lot in roses room, if you can’t keep one of your party alive with Sunstone your best bet is to unfuse and try to finish the fight with garnet.

  5. We all know garnet is actually just holding all of her weight up with her hair.

  6. Question - who would win in an arm wrestle, Stan or ford?

  7. Because this sub is strangely into kids and the internet is a fucking gross place.

  8. Im like 79% sure a lot of the people in this subreddit are younger than Wendy lol.

  9. To be completely fair, him turning entirely into wood would kill him, so technically he did die, and just came back

  10. 💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥

  11. He smells awful, has yellow teeth, his hair is greasy and has bags under his eyes

  12. I like to think that after Mari died his mom became obsessed with taking care of him, which makes sense when you consider she thinks one of her children offed themself, she’d wanna make sure he was always ok, but since he was never really responsive emotionally, all she could do was make him look good. that’s why he looks the way that he does.

  13. Meanwhile whole South America is all in red crosses

  14. From experience we southern people are easy to fool and quick to anger, so it’s not that hard to believe. Tbh I think the only reason he’s not banned from Mississippi is that he couldn’t find anyone worth conning

  15. Remember, the opposite of love isn't hate; it's indifference.

  16. Then what’s the opposite of hate?

  17. To be fair, he could have been rather short, and also the angle could have something to do with it. When you compare his head to the guy in the backgrounds it seems normal sized and the body seems small.

  18. This brings up some very interesting questions about religion in Steven Universe……..

  19. I always felt like that implied that there was some kind of war involving chemical warfare, and amethyst just picked that up while scrounging around some sort of field that used to be a battle ground. probably much to the dismay of pearl as well.

  20. He's literally everything that reminds me of a dude who turns incel. I cannot stand him, lol.

  21. And let’s not forget that he literally tried to kill Lars, in one episode.

  22. The one where they thought the lighthouse was haunted but it was just a gem in the wall.

  23. There was a man who came from his asshole, I guess this would apply to him.

  24. I like this interpretation but was the bird monster a gem? Because if not I don't think the diamonds would be happy with a organic creature.

  25. I believe the bird monster was a corrupted gem, or a large cluster of corrupted gems fused, which would have been an even more interesting gem guard/guards, as they would have been able to fight off swarms of small enemies or one big one by fusing.

  26. well they didn't obtain the gem but this could just be drawn back to season 1 vagueness

  27. Actually… in the background when opal turns around after shooting her powerful rein of arrows, you get a quick glimpse of all of the gems being bubbled and sent away, or that’s what it looks like anyway.

  28. I’d make it so Pearl wasn’t specifically Pink Diamond’s Pearl, and was instead simply a Pearl that broke free and helped start the rebellion. Her being Pink’s Pearl absolutely ruins much of Pearl’s story for me.

  29. I think it would be cool if like, they gave peridot the option to have her limb enhancers back, and then she ended up just throwing them away, because she felt like she no longer needed them like she used to.

  30. I feel like they should just, delete rocknaldo, delete the entire concept, the whole episode and the whole idea of it.

  31. Gems can change form without being poofed, and diamonds, I assume based on rose, can maintain that form for an extremely long time, if not indefinitely. And even gems that aren’t diamonds can probably maintain small changes for an extremely long time as well. Like garnet, from what she says she hasn’t been poofed in 5,000 years, and she’s different in this. there’s also the possibility that gems can just, yknow, put on clothes?

  32. Actually it was confirmed that gems can’t change their forms permanently without proofing. Hence why Pink had to have Pearl poof her. The only exception was Spinel, however Spinel did in fact poof it was just due to emotional distress and not physical damage, Spinel basically had a breakdown. The clothes thing is tru tho

  33. That’s cool, and actually is a pretty decent reason for pearl actually having to poof pink.

  34. Looks like he prolapsed his asshole!!

  35. Awww, you really captured lil Steven being as happy as can be ☺️

  36. Well, back in 2001 - 2004 when it was being filmed, I don’t imagine the nestle corp was as atrocious as it is now with its practices.

  37. Oh bless you, sweet summer child. We were boycotting Nestle in the 90s and they were indeed deplorable back then. Tbh possibly worse.

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