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Is this a fine picture for tinder? Or am I attention seeking a tad too much?

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Is it awful to have one of these type of pictures up if I’m open to having a boyfriend? Like all my other pics are normal and not showing off my ass lmao

  2. When you go out fishing for attention but all you catch is those dirty white shoes.

  3. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery and reconnect it. Should reset. If it's still displaying it, then you might need to run vagcom or another scanning system to see if it's thrown any codes.

  4. Check out the forums, the delete kit clears out a lot of that vacuum shit that lingers under the inlet manifold, and the side of the block. It's a pretty long ole job but will make your bay look cleaner :p

  5. To bad that mine is the 1.4 engine, i dont know if that kit works.

  6. Unfortunately you won't be able to because a lot of the SAI system on the 1.8t also uses vacuum for the turbo connections I believe. On a 1.4 engine it won't be worth it although there are a lot of threads on forums like Vortex which might give you a bit more info on your engine.

  7. Sorry girl, these guys will constantly beat down on women when you grow up too. Just less so. They wouldn't dare say the shit they say on reddit to a woman irl, honestly.

  8. This is the way. I understand reddit can be a good platform to make connections with people, but if you're a girl/woman you're also vulnerable to pedos and creeps.

  9. Had to drop my volume way down fast, thanks for that.

  10. Honestly, I'm in my work communal lounge, and one of my work colleagues is black.

  11. Nice. My AC had just stopped blowing cold. What a smart car

  12. I suggest getting the AC system pressure tested for leaks as long as the pump is still working. If you have pressure, more than likely the pump has failed. Also if the AC system is low, don't fill up the system from those cans you can buy from the store.

  13. yeah it is a possibility the engine is clogging it prematurely, but the car does have 180k miles soo it is also possible its just the cat going bad "naturally". as far as I know at least. I'll just see what happens and decide best option from there.

  14. Can this fucking subreddit stop with the Russian war? Not many people like war related stuff

  15. Maybe she just had too much to drink and can't think clearly? We just don't know what led to her wanting to dance with another guy. Some guys would just look for girls who had too much to drink and try to take advantage of that opportunity.

  16. Lolwut..Why you trying to rationalize this. She has no respect for the guy standing there. Alcohol for some people is basically truth serum. Its text book bud. She would be sober, gaslight the dude and he would forever be trying to win her over with no success.

  17. I think I heard they were developing a game like it even got the guy who made the soundtrack from the original but I only vaguely remember reading something about it

  18. The thing is I have a lot of random passwords saved through years of owning chrome. Most of them I don't remember so switching over to Firefox looks like its gonna be a nightmare.

  19. This has to be the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Standing up for a victim of domestic assault isn't white knighting. It's being a decent human being.

  20. I'm gonna be an arsehole here and say that you clearly know nothing about the real world. Sometimes it's not about being a decent human being, it's about being smart enough to know what you should, and shouldn't do. It is not our job to stop domestic abuse, it is down to the victim to report it.

  21. FR people out here getting paralysed from that shit

  22. Well ofc, you starve your brain of oxygen. Not just that but it's equivalent to giving yourself a stroke and worst case scenario, long term brain damage.

  23. Not just the oxygen. It fucks your bodies ability to absorb vit b12 for a while. Nerves die and the tingling sensations in the hands/feet turn into paralysis. Fuck nitro

  24. Indeed, noz is fucking dangerous shit. When I used to go free parties back in early 2011 the amount of people i saw going blue from huffing that shit was ridiculous. It was from the medical canisters which were like 6ft tall and not those shitty whippet canisters everyone likes so much.

  25. Driving a stupidly cambered car is pretty much like rolling your ankles and walking around on the sides of your feet.

  26. I believe I am okay with staying short. oh my god.

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