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  1. Why would you need to know anything? Just play the game and learn everything on your own. It's how the games are meant to be played. More discoveries, more reward, more satisfaction.

  2. Change your diet. Inflammation in joints most likely comes from food which you are allergic to.

  3. I don't remember the names but definity something from the dlc. Base game was a walk in the park compared to it.

  4. The only thing I use now is cod liver oil. Gross but keeps my skin in check.

  5. No. I skipped them all my first playthrough. And I didn't feel I missed too much. It's a chore for blokes who don't like reading.

  6. I am building my trust by having a solid plan. But still this cannot change the fact that I hold many coins and someone with an evil mind can rug pull anytime.

  7. Power plant operator. Doesn't give me trouble because I can go to bathroom whenever I want, unless there's an accident.

  8. Also I noticed that urgency disappears in high adrenaline situations.

  9. The more you mention that token, the less we want to look at it.

  10. I did. But I have no money left to invest. And if I did have, It will probably be radix anyway.

  11. Yes. Even though losing weight. But after the flare it always come back and then some.

  12. You can't make competitor for radix out of thin air. They must be miles behind anyway.

  13. Don't do it! Just don't! It will make your teeth fall off.

  14. Terrible video and what a crap person for laughing. That interaction should have been broken up immediately. It's easy for a dog to have a bad experience with something and then turn reactive or agressive going forward.

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