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  1. Your bike sounds awesome for track days, I would ignore whoever told you otherwise.

  2. Advanced Mazda is dead, the track selection this season was the final nail in the coffin

  3. The community leader has basically given up trying to have a good track selection, and now uses a random generator to pick tracks and layouts.

  4. 42 starts in a year. I think you should just race more, nothing beats race time to progress. Don't look at your irating, just make fun and learn. Have fun!

  5. I was thinking this too - seat time is what I'm pushing for now.

  6. You could try to forage around the roads, see if you can get enough stone to make a stone axe.

  7. I saw a guy irl with a duffel bag on his back and my reaction was excitement and I'm worried because when I see a zombie with a duffel bag, I bonk their head in and take it.

  8. Haha, I saw 3 firefighters getting lunch today, from across the carpark the first thing I saw were the pants.

  9. Full refund if bought within the last 90 days. $5 credit otherwise

  10. Between 90 days and 1 year = $5. If you brought it a year or more ago, you get nothing

  11. I’ve read in the patch notes that they wanna implement this, not sure if it’s available yet

  12. I think they said it would be made more obvious what the occupation of the house owner is.

  13. This website is great for checking what is popular

  14. Light bulbs are just as tedious but I find the process to be less of a PITA since you don't have to deal with breaking parts or weight issues, or lose all that time walking back and forth around the vehicle to access all the different parts.

  15. Each lightbulb can be used once a day for xp, but you can use multiple bulbs in the same car for grinding?

  16. I want to , but I can't justify the cost at the moment.

  17. There's a few ways you can do this without spending $$:

  18. If it's going to take years, then I would find a second hand wheel & pedals to work on your skills and race craft in the meantime.

  19. Why loot more than 1 watch? Do they run out of batteries?

  20. Dismantle the digital watches for electrical xp - once you read the electrical book 1

  21. Sunday driver makes it hard to tow or drive off road. I took this in one build and it became quite annoying once I was driving alot.

  22. If you get this for $100 or so, it's a good start. How much are they asking?

  23. Doubles can work, it's not often you're looking straight ahead anyway.

  24. Next level racing wheel stand 2.0 has a tray for the front wheels of your office chair.

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