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  1. well you claimed he'd already gone through arb, he hadnt. do you? you just seem to be spouting vitriol my god. the pricer he gets the less likelihood the mets will be able to retain him longterm with all the other contracts they have. again the unecessary bile can be reined in just a bit thank ya kindly

  2. I don't think you understand much about baseball finances

  3. 2023 is the first season be was arbitration eligible

  4. It's almost certain that life exists outside the earth

  5. Rape is not about sex, it's about violence. I'm from a country where availing a prostitute is as easy as buying groceries and it did not reduce the cases of rapes.

  6. Do you really think anyone can answer this for you?

  7. Yes, I would be delighted to hear about people’s “subjective” experiences.

  8. "Hang on, I've got to ask Reddit what to say now"

  9. Jus look for others opinions and suggestions for more good reads bro

  10. Why do you think anyone can offer you, a total stranger, a meaningful suggestion?

  11. This is definitely enough information to help diagnose the problem

  12. I'm not nearly arrogant enough to know what is worth it to a complete stranger

  13. Reminder: teams, not pitchers, no-hit their opponents

  14. What were their ratings that season?

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