News from CCIE-KID

  1. Not going to break inflation which that type of talk no wonder the markets took off today

  2. The question is if you have this type of money why party in LV? Why not go to Europe? Doesn’t make sense but money is a tool do with it what you will.

  3. The question is Jerome Powell the Paul Volcker of the our generation or will he pivot when he see the beast? Either take us to a recession or inflate to the end of the USD as the global world reserve currency. You can’t have it both ways ….. I don’t want to see the end of the USD as the world reserve currency.

  4. Men for her in different area codes?

  5. Takes a football team of officers for one guy? Wow!

  6. CB are still in control… they planned all these just ride the wave 🌊

  7. Your asking for netflow export not syslog. Either way you don’t have the information.

  8. Just wait when it’s more red the premiums will come down. I miss the day I got 20 x Maples for 25 dollars a coin. I think spot was 21 by the way so I know 4 over spot for maples is possible.

  9. Casino 🎰 don’t work with out excitement

  10. …. Does it matter the real price is a out 28 dollars with the premium baked in.

  11. That train is right on time. It’s not silver it’s going to be nickel / Cobalt/ Cooper!

  12. I just wanted 1 but didn’t know about the time difference! Very well done!

  13. It crazy how spot and premium are so far apart

  14. Of course it can it might hit 20k but fight to get back to 32k right now as I right this post

  15. Will how that comparison to digital gold doing? ✊🏿✊🏿 who there… Margin….. honey who is margin why why does she keep calling….

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