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Deer gets revenge on hunter

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  1. Of course not. Otherwise he would belong to the "party of personal responsibility".

  2. A lenient sentence? No problem. How about the death penalty?

  3. Could a firearm be attached to a deer's antlers and teach them to aim and fire it?

  4. Thank you! Are you talking about "OC" mark? Or any kind of text in the title?

  5. The title could be something like "Mountain Road in Dolomites photographed by Viktor Hanacek."

  6. So when the market dips 50% you can buy some more stock

  7. Holding bonds and waiting for the stock market to dip is market timing which has been shown not to work.

  8. Yes! Without question.

  9. E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, et. al. will encourage you to trade (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.) as frequently as possible because that earns them commissions. This is almost a surefire losing strategy for you.

  10. But if the watch hasn't changed speed how can it be different. I understand you said "my perspective" but this still means the physical components of the watch have to slow down in order for it to be different than the clock at home?

  11. Every Republican Congress(wo)man: "Support the troops!"

  12. When what you think you know is all there is to know.

  13. I have early adopter buyer's remorse for my 2016 SolarCity install. Definitely should have waited a few years.

  14. What were the problems?

  15. I did a lot of research into solar before I bit, but not enough apparently, and keep in mind this was now 5.5 years ago so my info is probably outdated:

  16. Thanks. Sorry you had such problems.

  17. It's also got a larger population, resource and potential conscription pool. 146m Russians vs 40m Canadians.

  18. In Russia, the death rate exceeds its birth rate.

  19. Man, that’s a tough ‘Who’s the coolest dude’ competition.

  20. Paul Newman with Sidney Poitier a close second.

  21. A&M = Agricultural and Mechanical

  22. A good massage costs more than "pennies" and this is assumes you have enough pennies left over after eating, etc.

  23. In this case, I'd usually stick with a single database. Though, that doesn't mean that you're supposed to use a single database. There are plenty of situations you'd want to use multiple.

  24. And some of them aren't accurate.

  25. You could suggest a correction.

  26. I'm a straight guy and he sounds like a CREEP to me.

  27. Alternative software

  28. That Covid-19 actually started to spread from September 2019 in the UK however it wasn’t brought to light due to general elections in Dec 2019 due to the Brexit Deadlock

  29. Is there any evidence of this?

  30. Somebody should send this story to Joe Manchin.

  31. As a single male, thank you for the LPT.

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