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This is what Rivian cars look like. Buy Puts

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  1. If you can afford 2 full racing wheel/seat setups, you can afford 2 PS5's

  2. If you ever see him just punch him in the face if you'd like to.

  3. Bro he need all 85 IQ to get through that list.

  4. You're on drugs if you think he's going to anything but go even harder on react content.

  5. On the left side you can see CURRENCY. To the right of it is LEGAL TENDER. Everything else is too low quality to read.

  6. That's not new that's literally 10 years old.

  7. Floor Axie are $50 now that's insane! Everyone should take this opportunity to upgrade your team/roster.

  8. Cutting the earnings of your biggest playerbase is definitely not the most intelligent idea ever. Tell me git gud and swap axies to raise ranks and ill remind you why we are doing this again.

  9. Agreed. I don't even bother with PVP, too annoying, too much time, needs too much investment long term. I am actually good with playing 20 mins a day, collecting my 50 SLP and staking my AXS to earn so much more in such a short amount of time.

  10. not simping for xqc but at least xqc only watches this react stuff sparingly, and he generally does like 10 hours of gaming after.

  11. Good luck Quin I wish you the best. My 30 months sub is over and I doubt I will resub.

  12. Tesla P/E is like 350-400 so a 70x is actually undervalued.

  13. If it was any higher he would have got a real job instead of playing video games for a living lol

  14. If he didn't want to know then he shouldn't have done the test


  16. Excuse me? Why would i disclose that info to you? You said something and I addressed it. I do live in Monroe currently because a friend of mine was gracious enough to give me a place to stay. Please leave me alone. You are not obligated to help Me in anyway but coming into the comments and accusing me with no grounds is very childlike. If you have nothing constrictive to stay please leave me be. You have no idea what I’m doing thru

  17. That's the thing about liars. They just keep building on the lie. You dont mention any of this in your post. You just need to pay a medical bill lmao. Not telling any part of your story at all. No one is going to lend to you try getting a job theres 11 million jobs available and I bet I could find 15 places in Monroe thats hiring right now

  18. Fake. downvoted for asking for upvotes.

  19. So for 400k hands, is this 4 tables or? I'm trying to wrap my head aruond how many actual hours. Playing 329/365 days but do you have a job? lol

  20. I'm sure it's been said already but he's just co-founded a new company with Dr.Disrespect (former map design for CoD) and other former people who worked on CoD.

  21. Was a great year for me personally. I reduced my viewing time by at least 95%. Never been happier!

  22. 1 mill you should have an advisor who can guide you instead of the internet

  23. Yes being rich has many advantages thanks for pointing it out!

  24. MY best estimate is they are holding out to release the same day or near when 2K releases with Tiger on the cover.

  25. People like you are why financial advisers exist. Thank you

  26. Only thing that matters is burn to mint ratio. If there is more burned than minted, price will eventually increase. Otherwise it will pump and dump back to lower than .03

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