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Dating as a guy is just depressing

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  1. I just said WHATTTTTTTTT so long and loud my roommate was like DUDE WHAT???? And then I showed him. And he whatted just like me. Fucking science man.

  2. Look up cutting glass with scissors if you really want to blow your mind.

  3. OMG I can't believe the sister denied she had anything to do with the blog when it included photos of her.

  4. Photos of her, that OP was cropped out of, with OP's husband and child inside OP's house.

  5. I know I'll get downvoted but I really don't think it's a big deal to not be in the wedding party. Don't they only just walk down the aisle and stand? Maybe I'm missing some religious and cultural significance.

  6. The cultural significance can vary but largely is A Big Deal. The wedding party is supposed to be your absolute closest, most loved family and/or friends. Being left out of the wedding party can be a huge snub and in this particular case, what OOP is saying to her sister is "I love a dress more than you."

  7. Yep, this happened to me for a public speaking class. Had to use her textbook, had to use the exact pages to turn assignments in-- copies of the page, or just writing it on a regular piece of paper, weren't allowed and would make you fail the assignment iirc.

  8. I've had the same but it comes with a special website I have to use. Almost $300 for a stack of loose pages and a special website. Kill me.

  9. This isn't an AITD worthy post. OP's husband and the best friend are at fault here. They could have worked together to find alternative arrangements. Rocking up on the wedding with the kids is trying to push the boundaries already established.

  10. I'm wondering if the husband didn't tell the friend it would be okay and then lose his nerve on the day of.

  11. I don't think he's the devil here. They had a plan that he wouldn't pay rent, then all of a sudden they said rent but won't say how much. In the comments he says he is willing to pay, the issue is more their lack of communication. I can't call someone the devil for asking for clear communication. Wouldn't that solve 99% of the problems on the sub?

  12. It sounds like he overstayed his welcome. Op' gf parents see that OP is getting on his feet and have no future plans on moving out bc he assumed he would get the same treatment as his gf.

  13. He's not even living there yet, though?

  14. Redirect the energy. I bet there are struggling and homeless teens in your city, even if you don't see them. And there are organizations that work to help them. Those organizations are always in need of donations, especially now with covid. This way you know your money is going to actually help those on need. And just be aware of those in your life and make sure they're okay and be their community.

  15. And if you know where the poster is, you can help them find those resources in their area. Then they get help, you helped, and no one is defrauded out of money if the story is fake.

  16. Should we start with her misspelling her own country?

  17. But what indie label is owned by Columbia? Wouldn't that make it very much not an indie label?

  18. OOP must be a woman. If they were a man, they'd already be gone.

  19. They're not 12, they're saying their 12-year-old self would be disappointed they aren't telepathic. As for the rest of it… no defense. This is weird as fuck.

  20. I don't like her new look. The make up in the first episode in particular just looked jarring and weird. Went from childlike to full face make up in a single cut without a time jump.

  21. I don't either. If they wanted to dye her eyebrows, they should have waited until she got to Kaer Morhen and was doing all the training. She has a character arc, let her style evolve with her character.

  22. I looked into it because something that fucks with continuity that much is almost guaranteed to be something talent is arguing for - no department head or producer would intentionally wreck immersion/continuity like that because it looks sloppy.

  23. I get why she wouldn't want to bleach her eyebrows, but they seriously could have had the creature in the first episode lay out some makeup with the dress and bam! Solved! And there's no way they couldn't have given her fake eyebrows, either.

  24. Unfortunately, OOP deleted the post and her entire account so I can't read her replies to people's comments. But it seems like at one point she tried to tell someone that they only think she's TA because they're a fragile Gen Z-er or some shit. I'm the same age as OOP and I think she's an entire pile of shit. If this is real, I hope she enjoys her visit from CPS because this kid is going to talk and this will eventually get to someone who has no choice but to report the incident.

  25. Best compliment I've ever gotten. Haha. Other than being told my ears are very level, but who can beat that?

  26. I mean, maybe for his wife they did stop. Pregnancy can permanently change your body in weird ass ways, but that doesn't mean it always does that for every woman.

  27. I’m with OOP, as scummy as it may sound. You don’t get to sign official legal documents declaring something a gift and then decide you want it back later. Sure, he thought they’d be together and he’d be enjoying the house as well, but that isn’t a given.

  28. It's not so much the legal document as the fact that he also told her privately that he didn't want it back. You don't get to sign a legal document saying it's a gift while also promising privately it's a gift and then ask for it back.

  29. I just know his profile is dry as fuck and full of shirtless mirror pics

  30. When I did the online dating thing, there were so many dudes like this. Totally average looking guy, okay let's read about him, and there would always be something to tip you off about the attitude. Who wants to deal with that?

  31. Half their comments are just defending not using any punctuation so now we all know her texts are also unreadable screeds. Who wants to bet that she's featured in some screenshots over at

  32. "Not being great at geography" is knowing Bosnia is a country but not being able to pinpoint its exact location on a map. Not erasing a whole ass continent.

  33. Yeah, that was definitely a "glad he didn't do that to my walls lol" response.

  34. In the comments she tries to say it was "too soon" after she broke up with the fiancé to be hugging another guy. First of all, what the fuck? Second of all, didn't they not know what happened yet when OOP tried to get all territorial?

  35. She’ll grow up not wanting to be around her mom and her mom will wonder why.

  36. The mom won't care why. Parents who do stuff like this don't care about their child's emotions or motivations.

  37. I thought they banned awful bragging? This guy is just showing off. He knows he's a dick.

  38. Are people really stupid enough to gossip about their boss/es or their boss’ families at work? You’re just asking to get yourself either written up or fired, if in at will employment.

  39. Obviously this guy is. He had no legal case before, and he definitely doesn't have one after destroying property and trashing everyone online on his way out.

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