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Today marks my fourth sobriety day, and my wife got me this cool coin because she’s proud of me! Alcohol is a thing of the past for me; if you’re struggling, just take it a day at a time. [OC]

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  1. You must have signed up using my email or phone 😂😂😂😂

  2. And not to mention there is only one lounge for 2 terminals

  3. I was on the Original sprint PCS network in Denver back in the late 90s. First cell phone. Coverage sucked as soon as you left Denver but I was like I got a cellphone!!!!

  4. To be honest I had the same great service on mint. I never had any issues with that company. My speeds were adequate. I was only paying 30 bucks a month for the year so 360 for the year now. They got this for the next 3 days or 2 days. You spend $100 for 6 months

  5. I was just tired of never having cheap service as I am a one line account. So if this boost thing doesn’t work out visible is pretty good now with taxes and fees included. 45 bucks for 50gb priority data. Chance of slowing after and UWB does not count toward the cap. The 25 dollar price tag was too good to not try it out.

  6. Im the same. One line guy here. We dont' get family discounts and I don't want to take on extra lines I don't need

  7. Yes, the caveat is that you have to have the area code in their contact information. Otherwise it'll revert to text. So for example I didn't have the one in my contacts in the USA and so when I tried to RCS some of my friends they went through his texts until I actually changed the contact to +1 in front of the number

  8. Congrats dude!!!!! that is fantastic. Good on you!

  9. Only worth it if it’s the E175, otherwise no.

  10. hahahaha ded so funny!!!!! And the flight attendants cant serve you because its a little choppy so we have asked them to stay in their seats.

  11. Is that from LAX to SAN...of course. You would be stupid not to. Only 383 thousand miles....OMG is Delta AI smoking Meth????

  12. Mr. Griswold. Perhaps you’d feel a little bit more comfortable at one of our lower stakes tables

  13. I like the p3 scanner position, but it worked awfully for me, like 50% of time, while p7 scanner works 80% of time

  14. Seen both sides of this coin. Folks putting their bags wherever they can and then privileged folks putting small bags in the overhead then not moving them when folks and flight attendants ask to put larger bags there. People suck and should be shot into the sun.

  15. Yea, thanks for that...Sometimes finding someone that matches with you is way harder online than offline as it seems. I will probably go back to the old style :)

  16. Great idea take it from a veteran. I’ve been on this app way too long. I’ve seen it grow and manifest and become horrible. It’s a much better option in the real world don’t be afraid. Have no fear and strike up random conversations.

  17. Maybe it’s not about finding somebody that has similar interests maybe it’s about finding somebody that’s different that doesn’t have the same interests as you so we can both learn from each other. We’ve been taught that we need to find somebody that’s like us, and in truth sometimes opposites attract.

  18. Honestly: Because its Tinder and it is officially a moving RV full of shite exploding all over the road. aka a shite V. Nothing good comes from Tinder

  19. Its not you, its Tinder ffs. There are no real matches on tinder anymore.

  20. no more need to "fix yourself" than you need to light yourself on fire. Tinder is a shitshow of emasculation. Get the fark off of tinder and start up random conversations. You will never meet someone behind a phone or computer screen. "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take". I prefer to strike out in real life and know its not you, its just a numbers game. You look like a cool MF and you don't need to fix shit IMHO.

  21. All women are mean and robots on tinder. Asian girls are baiting men for relationships. They NEVER live in the city that your in and are always involved in NFT's and crypto that their uncle got them involved in. I miss they days of "Hi my name is ....... wanna F&%K?" SMH. Oh well it was a good run

  22. SQUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH the shit out of that cutie!!!!!!

  23. Is that your squirrel....I like that squirrel (in the voice of donkey from Shrek)

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