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  1. I love Bernie but this "good conscience" is the luxury of a person whose vote doesn't matter, and this justification wouldn't be worth a damn if his vote against the deal had been decisive. Allowing the US to default would be catastrophic for all of us, but particularly the people he has aimed to represent for his entire career. I have nothing but contempt for Republicans who use their congressional majority to hold the nation hostage to this inane debt ceiling farce, but he can't change that by voting to call their bluff and hanging all of us out to dry. All he or any other Senator can do is negotiate with terrorists and live to fight another day.

  2. I still live in SF, but I spend a lot more time outside of California now. I am not a remote worker but I do have more flexibility than I used to, because of changes at my work.

  3. TBH Most of the people who can afford playoff tickets to a game at the Garden are the same people who call in noise complaints on their neighbors and would rather be on out their boats.

  4. Call me old fashioned but I think the only way to know which team is better is to see who wins when the teams play. That's the beauty and the purity of sports.

  5. Real talk though: $38 is what it costs for two burritos here in San Francisco, after tax, tip, and cost-of-heath insurance offset-fees.

  6. "Counterproductive" can be evaluated empirically, not through the lense of ideology.

  7. SF natives blaming people who moved here three years ago for destroying the black community is weapons-grade projection. You know what would have preserved the black community, above all else? Affordable fucking housing. You know who stood in the way of that? People who have owned SF real estate for generations.

  8. Maybe it would be grim...if she were facing election in November. But thanks to a bunch of San Francisco voters who think they're much smarter than they actually are, she won't.

  9. But there are shitty, entitled, selfish people in every community on the planet. But honestly, the reason theft is particularly severe in the Bay Area has more to do with everyone else.

  10. My guess is that people who still want to spend their money in downtown SF don't mind paying for parking nearly as much as they mind driving in circles for half an hour to find a parking spot.

  11. I went to jury duty last year, and sat through a multi-hour process to enpanel jurors for a major case. The defense attorneys asked every prospective juror what sort of history they personally had with crime in San Francisco. To a person, everyone had been the victim of some kind of property crime just in past two years. I do mean literally everyone.

  12. To be fair, the Sixers didn't look any worse tonight than the Celtics did in game 5. Weird how both teams seem to play dramatically better on the road this series.

  13. Quick, get this woman her $5 million in reparations before she kills somebody!

  14. The responses to this question always invoke unfalsifiable, interpretive claims about what qualifies as a "culture" and what doesn't. I find some of them quite valid. I find others really problematic. But none of them are correct.

  15. Pretty big talk from a guy who wouldn't be caught dead at a Walgreens in SF, let alone work as a security guard at one. Fucking joke of a man.

  16. Pretty hard for me to get up in arms about a law that exclusively targets assholes, even if the enforcement is uneven.

  17. As a gun isn't true that people mainly own these rifles for unlawful purposes...but nobody needs to own them, either...and people can and do misuse them to destroy innocent lives. This debate just isn't that complicated. Restrictions are reasonable, and this restriction isn't onerous. If you need a high-capacity rifle to defend yourself, you're a shitty marksman and most likely a pussy. You also can't drive 200 mph...nobody needs to. Just fucking deal with it.

  18. "shitty marksman and most likely a pussy"

  19. I made it work on that salary pre-pandemic when I was single and willing to share a flat with other adults. I wasn't saving much money but I was able to make ends meet and have a really good time. You can do it!

  20. A lot of corporate sponsors have to sign off on the majority opinions, after all.

  21. These unrealistic body standards need to stop. Disney is LITERALLY MURDERING obese flounders.

  22. There is no plausible explanation for Carmagiani's refusal to appear in open court to corroborate the report he made to police except one: he did exactly what he's accused of doing, and he's now just trying to avoid incriminating himself.

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