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  1. Tilt head forward and then back up swift then swallow. It kinda tricks your epiglottis

  2. They can bend the law, sure. They don't fucking know it.

  3. How can you bend something you know nothing about? You aren’t making sense and you aren’t a cops kid so please have a seat and let other ppl make points you kno nothing abt. Stop being ignorant

  4. Cause they know the law only in the way they bend it, duh. I've only watched hours upon hours of police interactions, yet somehow having family as cops makes you more qualified? You know what they told you and what you experienced, that's it. They're not even close to being a sample of all police. Neither are the videos but many have one thing in common: egotistical, ignorant LEOs who want to violate your rights. But I'm a fucking idiot so, maybe you're right 🤷

  5. I think yes watching videos online and living in it, hearing validated stories I can corroborate, having had a cop as a lawyer once, and like I said living in a cops household yes distinguishes me more acutely then you and your habit of watching beat cops pull ppl over.

  6. And it goes back to something dark and ugly. Just as you're thinking it's a song about someone finding warmth and maybe sanctuary from the cold in his dreaming about California...

  7. There’s a story about a celebrity haunting, and in the house where the song was made or something the song would just start playing and it creeped out that celebrity (I can’t think of his name—stoned rn)

  8. I think it’s something like “there’s two sides to every story and then there’s the truth”. I truly believe the truth lies in between — a mixture of both

  9. Wow, I put out this kind of spread on a Saturday nights for five-ten ppl. Wtf is this Meri??

  10. Any one here watch #RHONJ??? This reminds me of Waking up in the morning, thinking abt so many things. I just wish things would get better…

  11. But doesn’t that get dismissed because it’s just hearsay???

  12. I’m new to the deeper details of this case so thank you for pointing me to this! :) I had no idea of this weird affair situation

  13. You’re welcome and thank you for being here w the right intentions: learning and debating

  14. I think he may have feelings for her and is grooming the situation to benefit him in the future. Their relationship has ALWAYS creeped me out— I mean her carried her in his arms like a lover would over a threshold bc she had “anxiety”.

  15. Yeah, what I would do if I had a newborn at home in the middle of of kids getting sick with the worst flu in years and rsv, is get into a room full of strangers breathing heavy. That sounds like a great idea….

  16. She says as soon as she married a well known man people came after her?? Um no—no one knew who you were for years.

  17. The grifting for attention is what got me. She is appropriating a culture for attention and accolades. All the while other humans have been “canceled” over it or accused of it. That’s pretty good reason

  18. I thought it was gross when he forced his own biological daughters to kiss him on the lips and not the boys. I thought if it was ok (a peak from a mouth-kissing family) he would kiss the boys and girls (I know families like this). Everyone on this sub Reddit attacked my post, down voted it, and mods removed it.

  19. I’ve never seen that— I’ve watched very episode. Where does he kiss his bio daughters on the lips like this

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