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  1. Why can I see the hallway through his legs? Ghost Dad?

  2. Are you posting from a library or something? Why does your LOL currently have negative 3 votes?? 🤫 (lol)

  3. Thank you for asking— I’ve been getting downvoted on everything, every day. Someone was especially bothered this morning, downvoting my: I don’t think Jessica wanted to be friends comment. 🤔. Were alts very busy on the east coast this morning? Because I’m a very early riser 🌄 ☕️, and like Sariland— West Coast.

  4. Or perhaps you’ve inadvertently blown this whole conspiracy wide open with a simple “lol”. Someone is trying to cover up the Mr. T connection to all of this!!

  5. Carmen and Tim Gunn are actually looking pretty twinnish here. Also they are both pretending to be busy so they don’t have to talk to you know who.

  6. And of course she is staring straight into the camera lens 🙄

  7. He has no friends swimming with him in that beautiful pool.

  8. Seven year olds want to play with their friends!!

  9. That last line is such accurate, vivid, and chilling phrasing. I can practically see it.

  10. This is the kind of crap we send each other on family message threads. It’s the personal mundane stuff that we share before figuring out the week’s pickup/social schedule. Just normal boring stuff. It’s pathetic in any other context.

  11. I have found her repulsive for a while now. But I honestly had no idea. Please pardon my shock, horror and naïveté for these atrocities that many of you have known about for far longer than I. I feel the need to process what I have just witnessed out loud. Why in god’s name would anyone post that many pictures of yourself?? And you couldn’t pay me enough to go inside her home. She’s like a hyper-sexualized spider monkey - jumping, crawling, crouching, squatting, splaying herself EVERYWHERE. I was previously disgusted by her oily leggings but now I am grateful for them. Otherwise, there’d surely be a human slugslime trail covering every couch, counter, kitchen appliance, WALL and any other bare inch of surface area.

  12. This is so funny 😄🤩 god the images it conjures up lol well done

  13. This is my literal plan. Me and husband are working towards it now, plan to be there in two years max. We want 7-10 acres and I want to be off the grid as much as possible. We’re going to grow as much of our own food and weed as possible.

  14. I want to know what your husband comes up with! What east coast boonies are most diverse is a topic my best friend and I have been pondering for years!!

  15. Mami also wearing a towel? This is pedo/kink mommy-baby post. Why is his whole body/arm/wrist so rigid and why is he staring straight ahead at the wall?

  16. Actually that's the sink not the wall.

  17. Ahh! So if he’s eye level with the vanity door that must mean (drumroll please!) Mami is staring at herself in the mirror above the sink.

  18. Yes. It’s also a tactic employed by consumer capitalist enablers. “People throw away thousand of tons of plastic that ends up in the ocean.” Not, “manufacturers use excessive packaging and many necessary consumer products are wastefully packaged in plastic, which consumers have no choice but to throw away.” Feeling personally responsible for large scale pollution and environmental damage (which we have little to no power to change or stop, meaningfully) is just another form of being scapegoated for the actions of end-stage capitalism.

  19. This is a huge trigger for me! Thank you for this comment!

  20. According to Hillary, Edu not only knows how to take selfies 🙄, but he knows how to upload and post photos on Hillary's IG stories.

  21. What was that weird ring of flesh around his ankle in that pic?? Creepy and freaky!

  22. Could you say more about what communal narcissist means?

  23. When I see this - all I seem to hear is her whining and crying, not the babies. She is actually projecting - to say she is, in fact, the one in a shit filled diaper. Which is basically Hilz’ life. Mami, stop needing an endless supply of breast milk, you thirsty ho and grow up. Get changed, be a human and possibly, an adult. Come to think of it - someone could probably do a psychoanalytic case study of oral and anal fixation with her. Its become soooooo obvious. Not fixable.

  24. She is entirely Id-driven. She never lets reality get between her and her desires.

  25. They all look stupid and dumb and need to eat a proper meal. These women are useless and likely selfish succubi, and even Hillary is too much of a downgrade for them.

  26. Ultra wealthy white women throwing themselves a silly extravagant party while the rest of the world is suffering. I’d give you 100 upvotes if I could.

  27. Right? Me too but WFH, and like damn... I keep myself entertained better than this chick. Like I find myself funny, have tiny hobbies, have things to do and get done around the house, people I can chit chat with. Mami has nothing.

  28. To me it looks as if ML is being coached to be a bully in disguise, especially if she gets attention for provoking him - at their beckoning. No one wins.

  29. It’s exactly that - coached to bully in disguise. Just look at her caption! “She likes to mess with him” = I like to mess with him by using her

  30. More and more I think she wants the kids to look back, from years in the future, to these pictures as “proof” that they were a loving family. Hand-holding seems to be unimpeachable evidence that everything was awesome.

  31. Zoom in on her face. It’s incredible. Microsoft Paint filter.

  32. Read somewhere that the mother is 66. So she was about 56 when she “retired.” Unusual that a doctor would stop practicing medicine at such a young age. Something grifty going on.

  33. Yeah. That’s a grimace not a smile, and the hands are clenched. 😞

  34. Wait he’s got a Hilaria manicure and a gold ring on as well??? That’s the weirdest part of this outfit for a little kid.

  35. We also see enough pics & Hilary ramble words to know that babies are her currency and she does everything in her power to keep them babies as long as she can. From the time Malibu arrived on the doorstep, Big Eddie has been physically and mentally stunted. Jammed into swaddles longer than he should have for the twinnish play. Stuck in exersaucers and Hugh chairs and strollers. Malibu was in a bjorn type carrier facing inward for way too long rather than turn her outward at the age she began to be a tad curious. The list goes on and on and it’s too depressing to continue. Eddie will be in the lost boy pile very soon. I didn’t ask to know this or see this, but as a mother and a teacher, it’s very clear that she is holding them back to suit her own needs. All of the children are held hostage in that family. No individual interests pursued. No friends. No family friends. No individual friends, play dates or lessons. Always all together. Holding tight. This will make them all awkward out in the world & socially stunted. I care too much.

  36. This is a very insightful and sensitive comment. Well said, all of it.

  37. OMG..she did NOT?? 8 months?? That's literally insane on her part to even suggest that, much less state as fact.

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