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  1. Cruising??? Cruising the Upper West Side? At 3:00 am? While smoking cocaine? Who wants to talk about this part?? I do!

  2. George and Martha. It’ll be a boozy night of escalating put downs. They’ll get vicious with each other and maybe even spill a secret or two about each other to their guests.

  3. George and Martha Washington???? OMG. The tea is old but still hot!

  4. How to create a stalker. Hilaria is someone who sent a woman who slept with her husband to jail, for stalking. She sent way too many emails— but this is letter writing and a few this week?? Can he make it to a dozen by next week? She’s so fucking ignorant and disrespectful to the child on the receiving end, who he is going to bother and this child won’t know how to deal with it. Does Hilaria consider that the girl in question could NOT WANT her son’s attention? No— because Hilaria thinks the point of life is to earn attention and praise from boys and men. Guess what, Hillary— it isn’t to a sane girl!

  5. To add to Romeo’s confusion - do you remember when Mami’s IG pic captioned “he asked me why I smell so good and I said because we’re in love” …..ahhhhhgggg it’s so bad. Telling him with authority “you are in love with me” AND “I am in love with you”. Now let me get another child involved. Who’s the lucky girl? She actually posted a vid of him saying her name.

  6. Oh God— and thank you, God— I think I missed all of that. Hilaria pushing up her child’s tee to show more arm, and bullshitting about love:

  7. Who was that women in the video? Damn. Filters have fucked with her mind so much.

  8. Umm, should toddlers wear thong sandals? I mean, from a safety and healthy foot development standpoint?

  9. The screenshot you chose was perfect tho. He is drawn into himself, backed into the chair as far from her as he could get, one finger on her shoulder.

  10. There was another video or IG post of hers of Romeo and Mami together which she’d captioned something like he asked me why I smell so good and I told him it’s because we’re in love….. Anyone else remember this/could find it?

  11. Sick twisted Mami in love with her own son and telling him he’s in love with her too

  12. Yes!!! Excellent!! 👍👍Thank you, buddy ❤️

  13. Conjoined twins* attached at the cheek. This is where their shared brain cell transfers between them when they trade off who needs to think and who needs a rest from thinking.

  14. A theory - Hilzz was sexually abused in her bed as a child and out of fear pretended she was asleep until the attack stopped. This is why she posts these sleeping but oddly sexual pictures all the time. She’s recreating a situation that she couldn’t control as a child but can control now and create a different outcome.

  15. Valid theory. Entirely plausible. If you know, you know.

  16. OMG. SHE is the one typing all of this gibberish??! It wasn’t until the 3rd slide that I realized it was actually her. She thinks she being so self deprecating when in fact she’s DELUSIONAL. Mommy influencer- my ass. Holy shit she’s nuts.

  17. Thank you for sharing your experience and congrats on your recovery!

  18. Same “everything must go!” vibe as the house

  19. I can’t be the only one who read that as anti-clam life, right?

  20. I blame the font, but dang it’s an uncanny coincidence!! Anti-clam life lol 😂. No kidding he’s about to be a clam on the run once these lawsuits come for him.

  21. “Precarious control of bowels.” It just made me snort with laughter when I read it.

  22. It’s truly what I believe! After all, when you’re sliding into first and you feel something burst….

  23. I’m sorry. She looks like a witch. Not a metaphorical witch. An actual witch. She is literally creeping around like a pointy toed witch. I don’t even know how you look this much like a witch by accident.

  24. My first daughter was 13 when I had my second daughter in a second marriage.Then when she was only 7 month I became pregnant with twin daughters!!! They say IVF can sometimes clear everything out. It did. I was so worried her infancy and young toddlerhood would be stolen from her. And it kinda was. My poor older daughter was just overwhelmed by all these babies. We made it thru though with alot of frustration, love and tears. The oldest daughter is 37 now. Then 24 and the twins are 23. And they are all so tight you'd think not only were they sisters but best friends. We're taking our first international vacation in April. I lost my train of thought. But to not even be concerned about how your child will adjust to a new baby constantly being brought into the home, to have that not even a thought in your mind how ty h IU s will affec tr them, speaks to how well you parent. And it says loud and clear, YOU SUCK AT IT HILARY

  25. I was totally enjoying and absorbed in your post !

  26. Just a thought— it might be comforting to watch any tv/movies that are funny and remind you of your Dad. ✨It says so much of your relationship and connection that you miss him so much, and I’m sure he misses you just as much. You won’t lose your connection to him. ❤️‍🩹 🙏 ❤️

  27. Oh my gosh you are so so sweet and kind. I don’t even know what to say. But thank you thank you thank you.

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