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  1. Modeling for 3D printing involves more design thinking (e.g. avoid abrupt overhangs, radius tight corners, plan for the most optimal orientation it will be printed in) and more strategy on how to describe things with math (really this applies to engineering CAD in general). However, a significant weakness of something like Fusion 360 is how poorly it handles complex organic shapes.

  2. With all the binding arbitration laws these days, companies can pretty much do whatever they want and make it too expensive to sue.

  3. Honestly I don't think the Civil War is the main theme of the film. I think McDonagh might have realized the story had certain parallels with the Civil War, so he threw in some allusions to it, but I think that was more of a bonus as far as he was concerned. I think his main focus and theme was depression and the various ways people deal with it... or fail to.

  4. This is SUCH a good analysis. McDonagh's movies are real studies in mood, atmosphere, and the inner thoughts of the characters rather than a typical plotline.

  5. Ugh I feel this so hard. I've been trying for over a decade to build a fulfilling, healthy life. In late 2019 I felt like I was as close as I've ever been.

  6. Haha that looks like the Boeing surplus carbon fiber I get!!

  7. Art Resin is food-safe by FDA standards. Takes 3 days to cure, but has good UV resistance as well

  8. I'm not sure anymore. I have so many tools that I can basically make whatever I want if I have the base supplies on hand. What are we making?

  9. hence it being an interesting topic for discussion 😋

  10. I like using magnets, so a few small and embeddable magnets would be on my list.

  11. OOH. Good one! I keep meaning to do this but forget!

  12. During the toilet paper shortage it was a tidy living

  13. The Mighty Boosh is like the apex of post-python British comedy. Criminally underrated and in need of a series 4

  14. At least the live shows gave us a little more, I'd check them out if you haven't seen them

  15. You'd enjoy Porthole of the Kelp - it'd be a good use of your Fnat key.

  16. Whistles are a tough session instrument, and I say this as a reasonably skilled player. You can't just blow them harder to make them louder and stay in tune, so you are stuck with the volume of the instrument you've got. Spending most of your time either inaudible or deafening can be pretty unsatisfying to the player (or their neighbors, in the latter case), so it's really good if whistle players can double on flute, or another instrument.

  17. Screen doesn't do anything, but the firmware is huge. If you lookup Klipper you'll see. It optimizes a lot and increases print quality.

  18. The only thing I can think of is increasing the sample rate of the heater PID; if your printer itself is well tuned, it’s primarily the slight differences in extrusion width that make the layer lines stand out.

  19. The gcode motion planning is better on klipper. Also, input shaping on klipper is better than the comparable implementations on Marlin. Both will result in better print quality for an equally tuned printer.

  20. Interesting. Might be worth a look; it would substantially reduce finish time on the professional products I make.

  21. If you have a dehydrator (like 20 bucks on Amadán), just follow the instructions for your brand of filament. PLA is usually dried at about 100F for 8 hours.

  22. That’s a great sound effect. My inner foley artist is thrilled right now!

  23. Oh dude, it's you! I've caught your stream a couple times. You are a phenomenal player! (Not gonna lie I have some whistle skillz envy. 😆)

  24. Aw, thanks! I caught a few of yours as well - lovely stuff!

  25. Ooooooo...... I'll see if I can pop into your stream again soon and have a wee chat, I'm aiming to chuck and replace my various junk Generations later this year.

  26. Cheers! I should be streaming again this saturday at 4 pm pacific; and I should have a new batch of session-model whistles on the website in addition to the classics. Classics are for folks who really, really like the old Gens and have developed a playing style around them. Currently only making Ds but my Eb and Bb prototypes are coming along well!

  27. Ok but why the hell is the Ukrainian President zooming into the drunkest media awards show in the industry

  28. Wow. I have the same router in a decidedly less rigid system I’m working on upgrading. What RPM are you running it at?

  29. Only the one that initiated the chain reaction. There are a multitude of videos like this from the event!

  30. Wow that's really cool, those look awesome. What machine are you printing those on?

  31. A Prusa mini + if you can believe it. A great little machine, and I’ve worked at night and day since I’ve got it; hasn’t needed maintenance except for a single nozzle jam that was mostly my fault.

  32. Good to know thanks for the tip, I print PETg out of a dry box but I'll start doing the same with ASA.

  33. Brand formulation can also play a factor - I really like PolyMaker’s PolyLite ASA.

  34. Honesty, the best way I got over my stage anxiety was to go on stage, a lot. People usually can’t Jedi mind trick themselves into not being anxious in a situation that is stressful for them; it’s really only experience that helps.

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