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  1. I was playing ssj goku but I stopped because I started constantly dropping combo strings with him

  2. Maybe you just need to spend some time labbing with the other base game characters and see which ones you like

  3. Fair assessment I was good with cell and yamcha for a short period of time but I’ll test out who flows best with my play style

  4. Just look for combos and make sure to check out the frames of attacks as-well as their properties so you know when to use them and good luck mate

  5. It’s because in the manga they’re called that Like so say vegito but I get why people say vegerot too

  6. I think they’re both sick and I prefer the look of coolers design however cell just has far more character and build up to him cause he was actually in the show and not a 40 minute film also Gohans fight with cell is one of the best in my opinion.

  7. It’s because they are all Americans who think the age of consent is Universal and people who are jealous because they have rotten personalities but don’t want to change so just try to ruin other peoples relationships

  8. We don’t know that Piccolo couldn’t make Dragon Balls because Kami had already made Dragonballs for the both of them.

  9. How far have you gotten in dragon ball because in the cell saga they have to bring Dende to make dragon balls as Piccolo can’t

  10. The whole premise of this topic is asking about that exact thing as to why Piccolo couldn’t make any

  11. Yeah and I said because he is a WARRIOR Namekian not member of the Dragon Clan

  12. Looks like optimal loop starter into ground loops. Nice work. Now it’s time to work on his optimal corner route

  13. Honestly I should practice neutral first I’m so bad at it. 💀Also I thought his ground loops were optimal for corner


  15. I mean Goku and Gohan made it their base form during the cell games. they didn't even have to be mad. ssj was mastered by that point

  16. Yes MASTERED that means they have already achieved it and trained with it where as Caulifla just transforms just to fill in plot holes

  17. look maybe it was achieved through intense emotions like anger or sadness but since then, the saiyans have realized the easier way to do iit. Cabba got it thru anger so he just described the feeling

  18. It’s skeletons dungeon What you need to do is at night talk to the old man and defeat skeletron and the dungeon guardians (skull heads that killed you) won’t spawn

  19. Okay, thank you for the tip. Something tells me im not ready for him just yet. I'll get better gear first.

  20. Nice! I'm currently working on one with Baby, and this gives me hope not to give up! Awesome stuff!

  21. Consistently use the flips, the ex too, you may fail at first but the rough start is common, just don’t be scared, it can be used in neutral as well, I flip my way over certain beams or things and do the heavy but it’s weird to time, just flip a lot and get the hang of it

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