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  1. Wow - that's incredibly hot 😈😈😈

  2. Because of their deep experiene 😊😊😊

  3. A dozen ? Well, properly applied 😈🔥😈

  4. That her second brown hole is very much alluring and inviting 😁

  5. That's a true brownie - I mean her asshole ♥️

  6. Your nick name is apparently your personal wish list 😈

  7. I agree - but it is always the point of view ♥️ - so what is insane 🙄

  8. Well, holes in the paddle are evil 😈💥😈

  9. Naughty position for an innocent girl - perfect position for a proper spanking 😈

  10. The Magic Wand is an awesome massager: No mercy, 150% satisfaction 😈

  11. Poor boy - lucky boy? No Sunday picnic 😈💥😈

  12. No Sunday picnic at all. I've had WAY longer ones with way WAY more damage, but this was still the most painful. I hoped I would warm up into it but never did. She also counted wrong and gave me extra, so I got to put her over my knee for the first time a few hours later.

  13. Thx - the red stripes are kind of an incentive to go on all fours - her puckered brownie and her vertical slut are wonderful hideaways for my needy cock ♥️😈♥️

  14. It does - and she is the perfect bitch for very pleasurable and spoiled moments ♥️😈♥️

  15. A guy with the an Humbler is a wife's best friend ♥️

  16. Good idea? It looks quite uncomfortable - at least for longer time 🤔 but this girl is cute ♥️

  17. Let's warm up your ass 🔥♥️🔥

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