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Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men, major study finds

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  1. So pretty, looks like a mini, trailing, monkey puzzle tree.

  2. A Fast - fascist...a Fastcist if you will. 🏃🏃‍♂️🏃

  3. Your boss sounds kind of like a large piece of shit to me. Sorry 😕

  4. His boss also sounds like an idiot. That line about his immune system is weaker because of the mask? Does his boss think the immune system is just in the lungs? These fucking people...

  5. I'm not OP, but is it bad to leave light brown-ish similarly shaped 'shrooms with cacti?

  6. I'm not an expert...But small mushrooms in house plants are generally not an issue. Mushrooms are decomposers and only eat already dead things.

  7. We've gone through quite the heatwaves (I'm in Europe), so I watered once every three weeks, however the soil would dry out by the time 2 weeks rolled around. Killing my first succs, I didn't want to risk that happening again by probably overwatering every 2 weeks, so I gave it another week's time. So far growth wise they love it, several cacti had a growth spurt (either in height or in new pups), my echeverias fully opened and sansevierias got new leaves rolling out (I think 6 leaves in total on both plants!). I'm keeping all your tips in mind. Thank you so much!

  8. No problem! My general advice is to stick to what works and makes the plants happy. I've been growing plants/gardening for about 30 years and find there are few rules that are absolute.

  9. This will be the problem with homophobes, they will blame gay men and not watch out for the disease themselves.

  10. Already happening. I argued with a guy last week who was telling people you only have to worry about it if you were gay and to "move on". I tried showing him that was misinformation, made the HIV comparison, and that it wasn't an STD. HIS response was math and statistics don't lie and as I just don't like that because I'm gay 🤦

  11. Thank you for the advice! Overall sounds like I just need to do what I do with my patient and observe.

  12. I didn't realize that was a sub! Thanks for the suggestion, great idea! I'll definitely research the life cycle for the frogs, you're the 2nd one to suggest that. I think it's just green frogs in the fountain so far. I've seen pickerel frogs in my ferns and toads in my rock wall - but I haven't caught them going for a dip yet.

  13. I'm a chef who used to teach cooking, so yes! DM for recipes 😁

  14. How lovely! I was just updating my similar post...more and more keep showing up to swim in my tiny fountain.

  15. I think frog, but I'm not familiar with the frogs of your area.

  16. I may have created a frog super highway, lol! It started with the one frog...which is when I added the first stick. He loved it and another showed up. I added a sturdy piece of bark on the outside of the fountain as a ramp, and another more sturdy stick in the fountain by the bark for easy egresses. This morning I found 4 frogs on the bark/in fountain.

  17. Compare bullfrog to green frog. They are very similar unless pictures seen side by side

  18. I'll have to see how big he gets. He's was definitely a baby when I found him and has grown a bit since then. I have pickerel frogs hopping around in my ferns as well, I don't see any obvious spots on this guy's back though, so I don't think he's one of them.

  19. I mostly use it to save QR codes for festivals, IDs, or numeric codes that I might forget, usually in scenarios I wouldnt want to manipulate my phone

  20. ahhh... makes sense... definitely something I didn't think of.

  21. I agree. It's a nice feature, but has limited use as a photo gallery, which you already have on your phone and which you're probably already carrying.

  22. That was my thought... but that's why I thought to post here and see everyone's use cases. Maybe there are things I couldn't think of.

  23. I would laugh and ask Death if he thinks a 2nd chance at life is a prize worth winning.

  24. I didn't see the cm so I was reading it in inches and almost cried 😭😭

  25. Does wearing cargo shorts get your ‘gay card’ pulled? …. asking for a friend.

  26. I love cargo shorts... But I also like my floral kimono... Have it both ways!

  27. Not pathetic. I divorced (I'm your age) over a year ago and have zero friends (had to move from Seattle to the East Coast). It's REALLY difficult. I applaud you for the post. Find some happiness. Wish I was back in Seattle (minus the rent, lol)

  28. So will I be fine then? Me and my boyfriend are exclusive and I don’t want to catch the monkey pox? Idk if I bump into someone who has it if it’s transmissible (and I should avoid accidentally touching promiscuous people gay and straight) or if it’s just sexually transmitted ?

  29. Having never met you, not knowing your circumstances, and the fact that I'm not an expert...I have no idea if "you will be fine". Read about monkeypox (it is not just sexually transmitted), track where infections are spreading, take any needed precautions, and get a vaccine when it's available. As for, "not bumping into promiscuous people", there are so many problems with that statement and reminiscent of early thoughts about HIV. My advice would be to read up/educate yourself, follow the facts, and don't fear monger.

  30. Haloing. Often caused by nitrogen deficiency so it may be the new soil's nitrogen levels are off. Some of the more sensitive varieties will sometimes react this way if they're unhappy with their light/water/humidity situation also

  31. Thank you! Easy enough to remedy. I appreciate the input 😁

  32. PA here. Shapiro has to win (Fetterman, too).

  33. Yup... Just donated to Shapiro and signed up to help the campaign. He needs to win.

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