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  1. Hey guys film student in Ireland and would love to say congratulations on making the film. Can I ask who would you say are influences for you guys when it comes to cinema?

  2. Did Derry Girls have them speaking Irish? I don’t know any other than that 😭

  3. A bit in the new season. Although they all speak English to that prick James. His lot just kept invading

  4. Anything I could use to keep from falling back?

  5. When does captin America kill his grandad?

  6. I’ll get a few gasps I think considering how involved in the inflation protest he’s in but Richard Boyd Barrett. In the film industry the main union is SIPTU. A few broke away from this and formed one called The Irish Film Workers Association (IFWA). They complain about poor working conditions in the industry and claim that those who speak out are black balled. Now I don’t believe the industry is perfect but the way they go about striking is fucking disgraceful. Whenever they protest a production they don’t like suddenly the workers on it will get anonymous calls to get off the set or they will never work in the industry again. And IFWA don’t even deny it’s them they just say no members has been arrested. They don’t even just picket with signs they cause fucking mayhem by doing things like forming a human blockades on the roads where production is taking place. They also threaten many crew workers on these picket lines. One thing they complain about is a thing called section 481 which is a huge tax incentive for productions to come to Ireland. IFWA complain about this yet if it weren’t for this NO ONE would have a job in the industry. Productions will leave Ireland in flocks. The reason why IFWA got such a momentum going is because Richard Boyd Barrett got them into an oireachtas committee and legitimised them. He would’ve been warned by anyone not with IFWA that they do not represent the entire film industry. Now some productions are going elsewhere due to their members causing mayhem in Ireland. And in my eyes if Barrett did a little independent research into the film industry or talked to anyone not tied with IFWA this all could’ve been avoided. Found out all this from the prime time doc.

  7. Elon refuses to block any Russian propaganda on the grounds of being a “free speech absolutist” yet will fire anyone who says anything bad about Tesla

  8. No just told him there was a work in his cake

  9. Do you think you’ll go back to the Westboro baptist church now that Steve and his family are gone?

  10. Fairytale of Kathmandu. It’s really tough to watch but it’s interesting as we see more the prick in it

  11. I was talking to my wife about doing on of those test just tonight. Thought might be interesting to see what other family members are out there.

  12. Got a good couple like 40 3rd and 4th cousins. Didn't hear anything from anything more distant

  13. From an Irish perspective it can hardly be much different to talking to any other random yank who is 1/128th Irish ... i.e all of them, more or less.

  14. I thought there would be a little bit more restraint due to being delving into the topic of families which can be a sensitive topic for some

  15. Just moved out at 21 and have never realised until now how babied I was at home. The amount of things I’ve had to google ranging from how to defrosts to working a dish washer

  16. I miss the naive mindset I had when we were together. When I could tell myself everythings fine and believe it

  17. I thought that was actually from the 07 movie

  18. I can’t help but feel that there’s some form of exploration somewhere here. Apparently he was getting a paid two million dollars for two days work per movie and was doing around 20 movies after his problems began to surface and now the selling for a digital clone on screen makes me feel even more convinced

  19. When are the guards gonna connect Daniel O Donnell to his death?

  20. I would record every conversation we have to bait a confession then cut ties once I turn it over to the police

  21. I’m a screenwriter myself and was actually tweaking with the idea of doing a dark comedy of it myself. Please dm if you’d like to work together with the script

  22. I'd like to chat about it if you are open to other collaborations ;)

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