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  1. Clues made most of my bank RN. All it took was a shadow dye from a lucky master clue (and time to get all the reqs for most master clue steps).

  2. Never claimed I wasn't. Just don't like seeing people cry in their self created issues. Have fun I'm officially done with your dumbass

  3. IMO, these two skills should never get dummies. Dungeoneering in general could use a rework to attract more players. Archeology is fine the way it is.

  4. Not sure how people get offended by a simple question, he didn’t even suggest it should happen. Just asked how it would affect the game.

  5. Most of these players can't even read properly. In their minds, they assume I want the economy to be reset after every three months.

  6. Yes and after. I found out that my CPU was current throttling. Seems like it's not receiving enough power. I do have a 550W PSU.

  7. Top path is fastest IF you have top end gear to dps p2 and p3 before he can spawn minions.

  8. I have farsight blood necklace, ascension crossbows, TokHaar-Kal-Xil, Asylum surgeon's ring, Ruby bak bolts (e) and full armadyl. I don't have the money for anima core yet. Supreme overloads and curses unlocked. Oh ans sharks for food. Super antipoison too.

  9. Aura is extremely important as well. If u cant camp Reckless, make sure you are using supreme sharpshooter.

  10. Were you looking to practice 0% enrage? Or just test out the higher enrages?

  11. Well if it’s any consolation, the boss just has more HP, there’s 3 beams that follow you around (2 on normal mode I think, right?) and AG just hits a bit harder each % enrage you go up. Hope that helps if you’re just gonna wing it.

  12. What if usopps slingshot gets to eat a devil fruit now that he’s on egg island?

  13. They hate to see you go, because they won't receive money when you leave, so to keep you in, they offer you a discount. This is not just exclusive to RuneScape, but it's a common practice used by many companies.

  14. Without looking at the comments first, definitely questing. That should be your priority.

  15. Not a crash, but the time back in 2008 - 2009 where they increased the climbing boots price. Players who knew about it were stacking them like pancakes to the height that of mount Everest.

  16. Jagex should implement a system where they turn MTX into an entity with HP and every rainbow dust counts as damage dealt. When the HP hits 0, they remove MTX from RuneScape forever.

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