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  1. No shit bro, why would anyone think it's fair to fight a bitch that brings a tiger to a 1on1 fight?

  2. I'm wired, my reactions are already bad and they're worse on wifi.

  3. All this post has shown me is that Mishima's look absolutely badass in capes.

  4. I might be in the minority here but I think her T7 design is the best she's ever looked

  5. The other one's don't look amazing but Tekken 7 pales in comparison. She looks like a doll.

  6. Downvotes? Damn I guess people don’t remember when Arsenalty made Tekken on Drugs.

  7. Who is this singular gay person you're referring to?

  8. Once you get the basics down from the prior videos, i like to watch devilster on YouTube.

  9. Isn’t deathfist’s actual name Phoenix Smasher or something?

  10. Has she stopped playing/streaming?

  11. The story doesn't have to be shit, it could be the greatest thing ever created. Is it wrong to want that?

  12. I don't mind the eyepatch but if it was gone I'd dig his new outfit 100%. It's really good looking.

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