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  1. If you look up logic in websters dictionary you will see that what you said didn’t make sense

  2. Why would I look that up? I said Conservative logic. It's the anthesis to the regular definition of logic.

  3. How the fuck does this woman still have a medical license?

  4. Sound like Ohio is a place with top tier schools, good home environments and a place with the best access to possibilities.

  5. Marijuana legalization is one of the few things that most voters can agree on. But watch as republicans oppose this popular idea simply on the grounds that it was an idea from democrats.

  6. The correct game theory from Rs is to steal the idea and quickly pass it to take credit.

  7. I'd be fine with that on this one. That way they can all smoke some weed and chill the fuck out and stop passing regressive laws.

  8. The author of this thread, Andy Kim is also the same person who helped clean up the Capitol after the riot.. he's someone who pulled himself by the bootstraps, built a reputation for himself as a security/intelligence expert and won a swing district.. what are the odds GOP hates him even though he represents their "ideals", just because he's of an immigrant lineage and not one of their own?

  9. Funny, its democrats who always bring up those three things. Even when they have no bearing on the conversation. Like this one.

  10. No, you said Russia. In Russian peoples minds Russia doesn’t equal putin. That is a very Russophobic statement in mine, and many other Russian peoples minds. Be clear next time.

  11. You sound very immature and I won’t continue this stupid debate. All the best

  12. It was proven by the impeachment committee last year Romney was seconds away from coming face to face with the violent mob. Saved only by a few brave officers. Yet he continues to support the party that attacks these same officers, and votes against awarding them medals for bravery. He is as spineless as they come.

  13. You need to read some more. The GOP have repeatedly attacked the officers that saved them, verbally, and with their votes.

  14. 80% of all 1.3 million public school teachers are white. The vast majority of those are women.

  15. You are missing the point entirely. Fox News is simply using CRT as a do whistle for anything, and everything, about race.

  16. Iowa has turned into an absolute fuckery. How could we go from voting Obama twice to being such a fuck up in 8 years?!

  17. Imagine loving trump so much you fuck up your future and also your sons future. All for a man that doesn’t give two fucks about Iowa.

  18. All for a man that does not give a fuck about anyone but himself.

  19. My prediction is DeSantis will blame Joe Biden and the federal government for equitably distributing the monoclonals instead of giving them all to Florida where the governor has totally disregarded public safety and well-being. Florida's probably the least deserving State and still gets an equitable share. Ounce of prevention, pound of cure etc.

  20. In Florida, we don't believe in the vaccine, wearing masks, or even that COVID is a big deal. But COVID is spreading, and that's Joe's fault! Even though we don't think its a big deal, and won't do anything to protect our communities, it's still Biden's fault!

  21. Let's not kid ourselves ~ people from every country are harvesting data from anyone they can.

  22. Ehh, the goal was to always make sure hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed. Thanks to vaccinations, hospitalization and death rates are really low. So things are remarkably better than they were.

  23. Annnnd no one in leadership gives a wet shit about any of us, only that we get back to work because the economy (as weak as it is) needs us to sacrifice our health for the greater good

  24. Yeah they attacked big bird and dr Seuss, now they are working on their plans on how Barney, blues clues promote socialism.

  25. They mostly haven’t been the entire pandemic. It’s because they’re Mostly a bunch of low iq out of town assholes who have really ignorant views about the people in the city they’re supposed to be serving.

  26. Complacency, Social media, and Fox news destroyed Iowa’s practicality.

  27. And we have people with Confederate flags saying It'S mY HeRitAGe!

  28. Evidently someone pissed off Mother Nature....or maybe made Her happier than typical.

  29. But what about in cafes, parks etc. People may talk to you?

  30. How about no member of Congress being able to trade on the stock market? I think we can all get down with that, right?

  31. Mitch McConnell had better returns than Nancy. Why is everyone obsessed with her?

  32. Mitch McConnell had better returns than Nancy. Why is everyone obsessed with her?

  33. In Brazil, police will shoot to kill for the most minor of infractions. There are subreddits dedicated to Brazilian police doing crazy things like shooting at cars from helicopters.

  34. You do know we get a new viral variant of the flu every year, right?

  35. You wrote if people followed the science we wouldn't be talking about another variant. Covid is viral like the flu, its here to stay and we'll be hearing about new variants like we do about the flu every year.

  36. But the covid vaccine isn't like the flu shot, and if everyone was vaccinated the virus wouldn't continue to mutate. It's only an endemic because lots of people refuse to get vaccinated (or can't in some countries) and so the virus continues to mutate.

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