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  1. Daphne looking at her nails, perpetually bored and “so over” Hilary every time she starts talking vs. how she appears engaged and interested when Camila is speaking. I noticed this in other episodes as well, Daphne did not seem to have a genuine liking for Hilary whatsoever. Very telling.

  2. People need to hammer home that Alec saying

  3. I wish someone, ANYONE, would have pushed back in any of these situations. “Ah, yes, your parents live in Spain, how lovely. Are you yourself from Spain?” Or moving to go to school “Ah yes, your parents live in Mallorca, how lovely. Where were you living before you came to NYU for school?” I mean the follow up questions would have been so easy to ask. I get it, Hilary was very skilled in throwing the interviewer off balance with her irrelevant and nonsensical non-answers to their questions. I only wish just one of them had recovered and gathered their wits enough to ask a follow up question in an innocent way that was still firmly insistent on the truth. Well none of that matters now since it’s ALL going down!!! 💣 💣 tic tic BOOM!

  4. What else is she going to do now that she can’t spend ALL DAY posting shite on her IG stories 40 times a day?

  5. This 👆🏽the thirst is real. She can’t get her fix from IG so it’s the paps and this sub. My husband keeps asking me what would happen if everyone just ignored her?

  6. We have a lot of evidence to indicate that Hillary L. Baldwin does not, in fact, lactate. She gets

  7. And also this one where the skin tone on her “belly” is completely different from the rest of her body 😭

  8. The audacity. How do you look at this and think it can pass? The perceived grifting shield was at its peak.

  9. No, she actually doesn’t, and that’s what’s so disgusting & sick here. She pretends to breastfeed. It’s all fake. Just an excuse to show off her boobs.

  10. Exactly. She smothers and smashes. She pacifies with her nipple at best. NOT breastfeeding.

  11. It's noteworthy how in all her "breastfeeding" photos, she physically forces herself upon the babies. They don't latch and they don't feed from her.

  12. Wow, so she wasn’t ambushed. She decided to hold an impromptu press conference with a baby strapped to her chest. The same baby who could have been left in the apartment if she was truly concerned for her safety and wellbeing.

  13. What’s also crazy is that at the beginning of the video, it seems her intention is to get into that SUV go somewhere. She even put a backpack in the backseat. But she can’t help herself and had to gather a crowd and put on a performance and then goes back in the building. It’s like she’s just wandering aimlessly in complete dread because she’s realizing that her and her husband are finally being held accountable.

  14. I hope Joel comes out and says that Alec’s whole story about Halyna directing him to point the gun at her is garbage and never happened. 🤞🏼😡

  15. I’ve been wondering if anyone else is willing to corroborate his story about being “directed” by Halyna to point the gun at her. I doubt Joel is the one who will rebut Alec because he is doing Rust 2.0 with him. I figure if he is at odds with Alec on something this big they probably would have parted ways by now but who knows? Either way there were other people there who should be able to either confirm or deny that Alec was told to point the gun in her direction.

  16. Ugh I missed that he’s in on completing this stupid project. If he protects Alec I’ll be so disappointed. He could have been killed himself.

  17. Well the jeans are a shocker. Everything else is as per usual. Good gracious the ever presence of that phone! Learned her lesson with the glasses I see 🤣😂🤣😂.

  18. When that underbite comes out you know she’s spiraling 🌀

  19. Her accent is a lot faker sounding and her voice is a lot older than when she first started this shit.

  20. When she does full accent she loses the raspy vocal fry. She literally has a full suite of accent/voice combos. If only she changed her slippers and leggings as often.

  21. Let’s say he seems to enjoy the attention. The other lost boys do not.

  22. I totally missed this. That’s Leo though. And he also made a sarcastic comment to the paps about “we don’t want pictures” when they were getting in the car. His Mami is rubbing off of him, how could she not? All of them 😖

  23. I so want them to ask about the over-the-top accent!

  24. And bringing the baby back down for her press conference. Gross. Tossing her hat around angrily. If she could have also roughly dragged Edu and ML down in a stroller for her big moment, she would’ve.

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