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Our hero. The guy who repelled the Russians' attack while he was in a trench

C'est magnifique

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  1. You have to remember, a lot of these guys Russia are deploying are minimally trained conscripts which are drafted from a pool of not only alcoholic/druggo and criminal bums, but also ethnic minorities who have been treated like shit for centuries.

  2. Hard to say they all survived. There was gun fire and at least one grenade thrown at the trench. Part 3 should clarify the aftermath.

  3. To make it up, Russia should give them a discount for the oil they buy from them. Oh wait...

  4. Wait until part two comes around. I have a feeling things are going to get way more intense.

  5. I also thought it was a very interesting interview. Zolkin's interviewing style is honed so well given how many he conducted so far. His replies and comments were excellent and helped reveal at times just how obtuse and inhuman, drone-like, the Russian came across with his "just following orders" way of thinking. Dude needs to learn to be a human first, then a soldier. Simple as that.

  6. Top notch analysis from Captain Obvious, from the big hat-no-shit-Sherlock brigade.

  7. Informed, clear and to the point. Thank you. Does not matter what party, I wish more politicians were like this.

  8. Cannot really tell, half-assed video raises more questions than answers. The OP is serbian/ruzzian simp with an agenda. They need to try better to "prove" anything. Not only picking up Ukrainians but why going the extra mile with the wooden boxes while their own are left to rot in the fields?

  9. that press release says Ukraine worked in conjunction with the EU and Romania and the Danube Commission so if that's the case it appears everyone know of the proposed works and gave the green light, or am I missing something

  10. All official statements linked in a post above mentioned dredging is done in cooperation between stakeholders, etc. etc. so I fail to see what exactly is the point of all this other than driving a wedge between neighbors? One statement did warn against disinformation...

  11. I searched for quite a while to find out what is happening. Apparently, statements from minister Kuleba and UA embassy in Bucharest:

  12. Can you spell out the contradiction? I cannot. Both statements mention cooperation, etc. etc. One statement warns against disinformation... where is the beef?

  13. Maybe, in the long term, they should also worry about the possibility of a free and democratic Russia? One can dream....

  14. As raw as it gets, no cuts, no music. It gives me pause, especially knowing it is but one event along a huge front line. It ended well and the heroes should be commended for it. But next time you look at the front line on some map, imagine there are many events keeping that front line unchanged. We just don't get to know all of them or see them in high def. Heroyam Slava!

  15. The bit where he talks about how Russian best case scenario would look like in the long term is particularly important. If the war ended tomorrow and Russia kept what they occupied so far, after turning so many Ukrainians against anything Russian, the prospects of holding or exploiting occupied territories look very dire. The money and resources needed to rebuild and maintain order and a conflict evolved into insurgencies will continue to erode any serious efforts of making use of what they conquered. Strategic failure indeed.

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