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My dad sent this to the family group 👍🏻 shit got dark real fast XD

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  1. If you withdraw drip at the same time, at current prices, it's more like they pay you for them

  2. How so? Current drip price per 1000 is about 6 ada, dripdropz fee is 2 ada🤔

  3. That’s still a cost to everyone. The deal was stake here and get ADA. Now it’s we will let you have the AdA but you have to pay to get it. It’s more horse manure from SS.

  4. Why the hell didn’t Sundaeswap mention that we would have to interact with DripDropz in order to claim staking rewards prior to staking🤦‍♂️

  5. I was a little surprised he wasn’t penalized for an illegal low low block on 83. Maybe I don’t know the rules.

  6. Why take out a stable coin loan? If the price goes of Bitcoin goes up, you profit. How can one profit from a stable coin loan?

  7. They have changed the rules so much I have no idea what a catch is anymore. Ball hit the ground when I was a kid in the yard with my friends it wasn’t a catch.

  8. He had his struggles but he carried a patchwork team offensively this year. That’s not easy.

  9. I'm wondering why one of the pools says 0.25 drip per ada then when I try to swap drip it gives me the price of the other pool

  10. This happened to me. I was besmirched. I was lucky to cancel before it got scooped.

  11. Seriously. I think it's a dumb fucking rule, but you can't just not call it.

  12. No taunting here but taunting on Suh in the Bucs game lol

  13. Running down their throats, AJ, Julio, Firkser… nah let’s call a screen for 80

  14. Russ going to Tennessee is about as likely as Ciara rolling out a #1 country album.

  15. I’m going to be honest. I think Tennessee is going to regret this season for a long time. I like this team even without Henry. You needed Henry if you were facing a team like the Bills. But Foreman was doing good against Cincy, and I can’t understand why Tennessee didn’t run more.

  16. the funniest part about this post is that your dad probably sent this from his phone

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