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  • By - quipd

  1. Did you end up doing that? Any luck? I was about to ask this exact question on the sub but saw that you had already done so.

  2. I did and it did work. Unless they've closed any loopholes you can get 6% CB.

  3. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. Was looking into Apple's cyber Monday deals and getting another 6% back would be icing on the cake.

  4. Its for new lines only, $300 for one year (you can port in a non-att number). You cant switch an existing ATT prepaid account to it (stupid). In my case, I ported my main # to google voice years ago so I can switch providers as needed.

  5. Yeah, I figured it was something like that. At some point I might go through the effort of porting out our numbers and then coming back in for the new customer discounts. As it stands right now with our auto pay discounts we're paying $35 a line which isn’t too bad. I am curious to find out if that new plan lets you turn stream saver on and off. That might be what pushes me to switch.

  6. Im on the 16gb plan now, i still have the option to turn off stream saver. It appears this is an officially advertised feature now too.

  7. That's pretty annoying since 5G is specifically advertised for that plan.

  8. It will automatically skip. I have auto payment set up to pay the minimum amount due but I always pay the statement balance when I get the bill, the autopay is just there as a failsafe.

  9. Both the iPhone 12 pro and 14 pro are 5g capable and according to the AT&T website all prepaid plans include 5g coverage, also 5g is available to post paid at my work location.

  10. I believe that 5G is offered on all of the plans that AT&T is currently offering. If you have a legacy plan then there is no guarantee that 5G will trickle down to it although it might at some point.

  11. Brooo it’s a joke! Grow up! When your team wins you can talk smack.

  12. So isn't the point here that we beat you in 2019 and you're talking smack to Nats fans about it? Doesn't make sense.

  13. Yeah that’s the point. It’s hard to decipher because this is all text based communication but it’s just a joke. Y’all beat our ass. I can accept that and will accept anything smack you may want to say.

  14. It's always interesting looking at how a post with context takes on a new light. For instance if you look at OP's other activity, seems like there's much more of a goal here to encourage voters on the fence to not turn out for spanberger.

  15. I expect this thread isn't quite going the way OP wanted it do.

  16. The link didn't work for me. Is this a freedom card ?

  17. I can't speak for him but I also got this targeted offer on my Chase Amazon Prime card.

  18. Hope so, I'm a little worried since I read that his grip won't be fully recovered and that it will take a few more weeks before he is completely back to normal.

  19. I think I am having this issue too! It would disconnect, and one side would have the suction like sound (I think because the ANC turned off) and then it would reconnect in a few seconds. Does this sound similar to you too?

  20. In my case at least they never reconnected on their own, I had to go in and reconnect the APP2 to my phone twice.

  21. I’ve also had issues with the connection. They like to cut out at random times and take a bit to connect.

  22. Seems like a decent number of people having this issue, hoping it can be fixed with a firmware update.

  23. It's the same thing for me. For the people saying to relax and that it will all post at the end of the month, that may be the case but I have regular transactions both before and after the purchases I made with a mobile wallet that show my cash back rewards. It is only the transactions that I made with apple pay that don't show anything at all, not 5%, not 1%, nothing.

  24. I have the ring video doorbell wired and it was a huge upgrade from the original ring that I had installed before. It is strictly a wired device meaning that it does not depend on the battery which makes the motion detection and overall response much quicker than any battery powered device. Video quality is much better than it was on my first ring and I really have had zero complaints with it. It’s also pretty inexpensive.

  25. any update on this? the watch face compilation doesn't update the heart rate reading. I have to open the app to get it to show the most recent reading. unlike the native apple compilation which updates automatically

  26. I didn’t think that the native Apple complication showed the heart rate at all on the watch face, just a shortcut to the heart rate app. That’s part of the reason that I use the Heart Analyzer complication to begin with.

  27. Followed all the advice in this thread but 'Current & Day Range' is still not working

  28. I think there must have been some kind of fix because at the time that my complication broke I was trying all of the steps mentioned here to no avail. A week or two later I tried adding it again on a whim and it was working.

  29. I'm a little late to reply, but I am having this issue as well. Sometimes the capitalization won't change until I click send. I use dictation a lot and I don't like the dictation in iOS 16.

  30. Glad to see I'm not the only one, although this post hasn't seemed to have gained much traction. Hopefully a future software update will fix the issue because it's pretty annoying.

  31. This is supposed to be quite a conservative court too, which goes to show just how much of a joke Trump's arguments are.

  32. I don't have an Android any more but months back when I had a Samsung the issue related to having a Galaxy Wearable device paired with the phone. If you have a smartwatch connected try disconnecting it and see if that fixes the issue.

  33. Interesting. I ran my fastest 5k last November 2021 using Nike Run Club. But my fastest 5k award isn’t showing that time. Kind of a bummer

  34. Fasts 5K award seems to be broken at the moment though, the time it is showing me for my fastest is absolutely not my fastest, and others are apparently seeing the same thing.

  35. Does anyone know if they only count 5ks that were tracked using the workout app on the watch? I used to use Nike Run Club all the time until this year and I feel like my count is low.

  36. I don't think so. I'm almost positive it is counting workouts I did using the Workoutdoors app on my watch.

  37. I'm with you on that. I had the Infograph analog one before and it was straight up white. They've taken that option away as best I can tell.

  38. Do they work the same? Like when going from light mode to dark, does the downloaded wallpaper do the same?

  39. No it doesn't look like it. I lost the dynamic aspect to the wallpaper I had on ios 15.

  40. 3gcb says:

    Why did they get rid of the default Home Screen backgrounds? I lost the one I’ve had forever when I tried playing around with the new Lock Screen.

  41. Fully agreed with you. Sure you can go and redownload it but why should we have to?

  42. I can’t speak to upgrading, but I also have a 2014 CX-5 and I got the rattle on my front speakers as well. A little bit of superglue and it’s been working perfectly for years now.

  43. I changed my strap after one year of use. But I really think the damage was caused by washing in wash machine and accidentaly drying in dryer. There was no visible damage on the strap.

  44. I never put it in the dryer but I did put it in the washing machine a few times. I guess that is out now for my new strap.

  45. I suggest when you get the new one, don’t put it in the washing machine, and don’t use soap. Just rinse it after every use. Hang to dry, and don’t crunch it into your gym bag; lay it down on top of your other stuff. I’ve had mine for a couple years and it’s always worked perfectly, used 6x per week.

  46. I’m certainly going to change how I take care of my new strap once I get it although I have to say that just rinsing the strap doesn’t get it clean. After several sessions it was definitely starting to smell which is why I was trying to at least get rid of the smell when I put it in the washing machine.

  47. To answer your questions, she won't get a notification when the Ring cameras lose connection, and there isn't any way for them to push information to her phone without wi-fi. If she happens to log into the Ring app while they are offline she would see that they are offline however.

  48. I admit I forgot about sidewalk, I made sure I had it disabled as soon as they rolled it out. So in this case a ring doorbell could connect to someone elses wifi? In the Alexa settings for Sidewalk they specifically mention Ring Smart Lights as well as pet and object trackers but no mention of doorbells.

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