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  1. Deadpool would do a time heist but by time heist I mean Wolverinenapping

  2. You are 419 years late, Queen Elizabeth 1st died in 1603 AD.

  3. Also they are only 18 ME countries and the US only bombed like 3-5 of them

  4. Only half you mentioned are in the middle east region. So close to get a pass.

  5. Today is the 6th off September meaning it's 6.9 or 6/9 today which means it's funny Internet number day.

  6. The 23rd of October 2023 episode of RAW which would be 500 days since he won the title. He would drop it to whoever in the mid card is over the most.

  7. May have to been the result I wanted but being there live in person was one hell of a journey both my hands and head hurt. 😄

  8. How was the atmosphere there once Drew lost?

  9. From my section it was mixed but then it went back to loving Drew.

  10. Ey Up fellow live viewer, I'm left of the seat cover dragon

  11. Marmite is a British savoury food spread, based on yeast extract. The tag line is "you love it or you hate it"

  12. Pound Sterling T posing over both of them........Kuwait mega T posing over all 3.

  13. I liked it. Saw it 3 times in the cinema and so far 3 times on DVD.

  14. I'm guessing you mean 60th anniversary of the film franchise, because the 60th anniversary of The World Is Not Enough will be in 2059.

  15. If A Whisper From Hell happened it should have had Motorhead do the theme.

  16. I find it funny how a band literally called Garbage made IMO one of the best Bond songs.

  17. If you don’t like other players being better then you then passive mode is your friend

  18. There's a difference between better and being a douchebag who chooses to spend his time ruining your day and not leaving you alone.

  19. Agreed, a good "stop whining" is in order or just switch lobbies

  20. Id expand on paleto bay, there is almost nothing to do up there. Extend land out and maybe put an airstrip up there. Not sure what else but something better than nothing 😂

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