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  1. It was 1946, this man likely spent his wife's entire labor drinking alcohol and smoking Winston cigarettes, the brand 9 out of 10 doctors recommend

  2. That is weird, we definitely referred to 43 as "George W." for a full 8 years

  3. If gender differentiation in sport isn't important, why even have men's and women's leagues? Why not just have people leagues?

  4. So kink shaming is alright as long as you're only doing it to Republicans, do I have that right?

  5. Funny you bring this up, as now 'Hard Mountain Dew' seems to be a thing in the market.

  6. I was not aware... they can't legally put caffeine in it in the US because of the aforementioned Four Loko fiasco, which means anyone buying that crap is only doing so for "the bold, citrus flavors of the soft drink they know and love with 5% alcohol by volume"

  7. Find a baby for your photos too. Works wonders.

  8. You ever seen the Animatrix? This is like that episode Matriculated, where an AI gets put into a Mateix to “understand” human thought.

  9. Hell already was other people, it just keeps getting accelerated by all these new iterations of social media. The singularity is coming, we'll either be subsumed/destroyed or thrown into another dark ages when it happens.

  10. It’ll likely be something along the lines of Terminator, Matrix and Dune - it’ll be something we’ll be fighting for a while

  11. In any scenario where machines can improve themselves they win against meat bags who take centuries to evolve in any meaningful way

  12. Key point: “The state did a great job pointing out that Justin Ross Harris was a pervert and a philanderer, but they noted reasonable minds on a jury can differ on whether or not that evidence proved he intended to kill his child.”

  13. That jury sat through a whole mess of sad and/or ugly things, and I don't envy them one bit

  14. Watching this in a Buffalo Wild Wings got a little intense.

  15. The French language is considered to be very vulgar and insulting in Lithuania

  16. The moratorium wasn’t to help reduce the spread of Covid. It was due to job loss and financial hardship.

  17. That’s such a crap statement. It doesn’t make sense.

  18. The CDC ordered the federal moratorium on evictions. They are not concerned with job loss and financial hardship, not their department.

  19. I'm no expert, but it seems that masturbating alone would work a lot better if you're trying to stop the spread of an infectious disease

  20. So if this leads to institutions which are "too big to fail" coming to the brink of failure because of shady lending practices again, can we please push them off the cliff rather than bailing them out this time? I know it will hurt worse in the immediate sense, but it's like ripping off a giant band-aid

  21. Is this another emergency use authorization, or is this full approval of the vaccines for this age group? The article doesn't specify

  22. If it's some gringos tacos with ground beef and cheese then for sure. If it's say carnitas then you might want some corn salsa with pineapple and red onion instead. They should be teaching kids how to cook

  23. Or over-design the ride so it simply can't hold someone that's too heavy. Escalators and elevators are an example. Or if the seat belt doesn't reach around your beer belly, you better try the sky slide instead.

  24. Under-designing the ride so that it simply can't hold someone that's too heavy seems to have been what happened here

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