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  1. (and verify files just to be safe, tho idk what that could help with in terms of graphics and performance)

  2. I've already done both and it still hasnt helped

  3. im pretty sure its a bug with the way the textures work on the server. All the custom blocks are just noteblocks with different textures and stuff based on their blockstates, so blocks next to them can sometimes mess it up. hope this helps

  4. Try using more different blocks instead of just planks

  5. Somebody get this guy a drink

  6. She looks like she’s in the black hole sun music video

  7. I shit myself when I noticed the trollface with the gun

  8. You look like you were BAND from the playground

  9. Use a phone case next time

  10. Unfortunately I only discovered salad fingers a few years ago so the nostalgia just isn’t there for me :(

  11. Mans just doxxed the entirety of planet earth

  12. Behold, the long lost Yoyle city

  13. You have clipped into the backrooms my friend

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