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  1. NTA, how hard is to know and remember basic needs like eating. She can not use the excuse that she is "getting use to the routine".

  2. i agree. did she not eat lunch? if so how did it slip her mind that other people in her household would need to do that as well?

  3. my mum cleans our sinks regularly with cleaning vinegar because she likes them shiny. the smell is usually gone after a day and i have a pretty sensitive nose when it comes to cleaning products. he fully overreacted. NTA

  4. They’re really going to regret this if they don’t get her under control soon. Look how much damage she can cause at 7! Children can be physically abusive to parents.

  5. i have a friend who is no contact with her daughters because they abused her. pushed her down the stairs and threw boiling water at her. Shes the sweetest person on earth and doesnt deserve awful stuff like that.

  6. NTA. Don’t marry this guy. He accuses you of only caring about your family while also telling you that only his family needs to be at the wedding? And his parents back him up? I can only imagine how they’ll behave if and when children enter the picture. “The kids don’t need yo travel to the UK. They have grandparents here.”

  7. also it doesnt matter where it happens. the wedding was in france but they didnt state theyre having a wedding by 'traditional french wedding rules'. that whole excuse is just garbage.

  8. I don't agree. I don't think that there's an excuse for that kind of name-calling, especially when it's clear it's a sore spot. She's a teenager. ESH.

  9. shes 19. i learned in kindergarten that its rude to comment negatively on peoples bodies and bullying is a bad thing. a joke on someones cost is only funny if that person finds it funny too, otherwise its bullying. if nothing else helps sometimes you have to fight back and it was obviously a last resort for op.

  10. Hey ! I picked up my fisherman job again after 2 years of not playing it. I understand how the job works, but I'm 51 and I have NO IDEA where I'm supposed to fish to keep leveling. I tried reading guides, but I don't understand them anymore. Can you give me a quick refresh on how you level fisherman outside of quests ?

  11. the fisher questlines at 70+ in the crystarium and 80+ in sharlayan as well as custom deliveries are also great for xp :)

  12. First, head to Limlom and go out to the docks just past the Arcanist area. There's a vendor off to the left, who sells Ocean Fishing stuff, but they also sell the Versatile Lure. Buy yourself maybe 2-3 of those just in case.

  13. for 70+ the fisher questline in the crystarium and 80+ the one in sharlayan give a lot of exp when ocean fishing isnt as fast anymore. i also recommend custom deliveries at that point!

  14. i honestly hate that theres no way in the game to find out and you have to google it. unless you want to stand at a spot and try out like 60 different baits lol. it kills the immersion a bit imo and the fishing log feels sort of useless compared to the gathering one

  15. So mommy being excluded for being rude caused outrage but your husband being excluded for being the victim of her abuse was excusable because “it’s mom”.

  16. and obviously op is the one causing the family warfare, not mom who started all of it …

  17. Info: were you expecting him to spend the night at your place in any form i.e. the couch or a different bed?

  18. I also have to wonder about him just coming into ops house/apartment in the middle of the night with no heads up. I guess he probably just has a key but id be surprised if they had this kind of zero boundaries relationship where he can just come and go as he pleases.

  19. omg i totally forgot to mention his asparagus habit. he eats about 4lb of asparagus per week 🤢

  20. he might be one of those lucky people that dont smell the asparagus pee smell. either way its still nasty though

  21. NTA. Her first comment was fine, but it's genuinely bizarre that she kept saying they were your kids after you corrected her. It's also inappropriate for her to criticize what you're buying. Saying "no wonder you're a single mom" to ANYONE is complete assholery.

  22. i dont even get where the assumption that shes single came from? like my parents are happily married and i still went shopping with just my mum all the time because my dad worked? just because your not glued to the hip of your childs father doesnt mean youre single lol

  23. YWNBTA but you probably would start a war which would escalate to the surrounding neighbors and end up in nasty feuds and doggy doo doo bag throwing out by the Dumpsters.

  24. as someone who grew up in an apartment, noises from neighbors are unavoidable and if you cant handle that you have to soundproof, not ask them to change (obviously blasting music at night or screaming matches all day is different) literally just walking is not illegal. you get used to these sounds eventually.

  25. So they are having a three way, in a house with a teenager present, and she is going through your things and trying to control your life. NTA. Under no circumstances are you the AH, they should apologise to you for the position they have put you in, not feeling safe in your own home. I would also tell them why should you make her feel comfortable in your home, when she is making you uncomfortable, invading your privacy, lying and supplying a high schooler with drugs.

  26. mind you theyre having a threeway while op isnt allowed to be alone with a boy or even use tampons. thats some double standards

  27. NTA and just by the by - this was never a lie that was going to hold up. A) if she thought it really was worth 50k, she likely would have run into issues getting it insured B) a $30 ring just isn’t going to hold up to daily wear. She would have found out as soon as the coating started to flake/tarnish.

  28. c) the wife of her brother is a JEWELLER of all things, shes literally trained to be able to tell cheap from expensive.

  29. i bet they wouldnt have given up their own birthdays to ask for money for the deck instead of gifts.

  30. Benefitting from his employement at the company is not the same as him giving her a gift.

  31. ok lets say the daughter has a marketing degree and is looking for a job. her fathers place has an opening for marketing and she gets it because he told her to apply to it and she got picked as the best fit. now the son wants to do marketing too and the job doesnt have an opening at that point, should dad not have told the daugter about the job opening?

  32. I'm not sure if I was who you meant to reply to, but I totally agree with what you are saying

  33. OP was being petty. That's the only word I can think of for this outside of self centered. Like she had to make a point? Is that it? She had to make a point and leave them hanging because she wants to enforce a strict "no after hours" policy that is completely childish and inappropriate. I understand ignoring your boss who is trying to get you to do extra work outside of business hours but they literally just needed to know what arrangements they needed to make for their children. She claims to be 25 but is acting like she's 15

  34. Yeah. not working after business hours is absolutely valid to me but i wouldnt consider a quick text saying 'hey I cant make it tomorrow either' working. Kind of the opposite even.

  35. Not sure how Bridesmaid #1, someone who is acting in such a mean, selfish and disrespectful manner, is considered a friend? In any case, cut her loose now before she causes problems on the wedding day. Tell her flat out: her behavior is unacceptable and she's no longer welcome to the wedding. Bridesmaids #2 and #3 will manage schedules as best they can. The bride's other bridesmaids and family will host a great wedding shower.

  36. seems like the kind of person to wear white at their friends wedding ngl.

  37. your daughter should send them another email and explain the situation, maybe they are understanding and let her do another interview. if so she should tell them to only accept cancellations from her over the phone and nowhere else (if that place doesnt work out she should still agree on this with any new opportunity she gets).

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