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  1. I mean what's the point of having shows as "Pink Floyd"? Rick is dead, and presumably Roger wouldn't be involved any time soon. So any "Pink Floyd" concert would be exactly the same as a David Gilmour solo concert except with Nick Mason on drums.

  2. As if David didn't use Rick as a session player when he was alive. As if they were ever great collaborators to begin with.

  3. $0 because I find it to be a waste of money for me. I find full satisfaction from seeing what is happening, it just doesn't have the same effect for me in audio form.

  4. Or you know.... how is she supposed to go to work with the kids around? Blame the broken system, not parents who may not have any real choice

  5. In previous years and months I've been hammered pretty hard here for saying that trusting private corporations to regulate what are essentially the only available public forums is a recipe for both draconian control, subtle manipulation and confused censorship of various kinds of speech. Now we have people concerned (justifiably) about Twitter being acquired by the egomaniacal, delusional billionaire Musk, and his change of policy which would in many of their previous opinions be completely justified. It's just a bit disappointing seeing the double standard from people who should know better.

  6. I'll keep wearing my mask and heading public health notices but I'm not gonna bunker up again like it's the first and second waves.

  7. Each time there’s been a new more contagious variant the answer to all your questions is “yes”

  8. Surely claiming you're done with it means the dead and damaged for life don't matter much

  9. Ahmed, I loved you art. Please describe the creative process for making the endless river cover art.

  10. Of course! Tell him “Thanks a lot! I’m just glad that my artwork which I made in my room when I was 17 reached you wherever you are ❤️"

  11. It was a nice tribute to Rick and the partnership that he, David and Nick had.

  12. Treating him like a session musician and only talking him up after he died? some partnership

  13. It's a pretty good summary of Dave and Roger's relationship.

  14. It's so ambient and just chill. I dig listening to it to just turn off and mellow.

  15. I absolutely love The Endless River, and I truly wish they had made more albums incorporating this sort of stuff from Division Bell onward! Some of it really authentically feels like '70s Floyd, even pre-Dark Side era.

  16. It was actually my first pink floyd album. kinda strange for a hardcore pink floyd fan. I listened to it countless times and even one time I took magic truffles with it. You just gotta close your eyes and enjoy the floating above the clouds.

  17. Other than being just discarded sonic bits from the Division Bell sessions (and Carrera Panamericana) rescued from the trash can at the last minute by Phil Manzanera and Andy Jackson to justify a half-assed song written by Polly with Mason as guest musician, and surrounding it with a dubious lukewarm statement of it being's Wright's swansong, there's nothing wrong with it. Is Floyd, for sure. But it was material originally destined for the trash. You can try to put as much makeup and perfume on that, but you can never get a piece of sh** to smell any good.

  18. Fair but do we hate the entirety of Ummagumma just because of Several Species of Small Furry Animals? Or all of More because of A Spanish Piece?

  19. For me, it's a judgement fatigue. I personally don't have much of an issue popping on a mask if I'm out shopping and probably will continue to do so for a while, but people in my social circles love yelling about how many unmasked people they saw today on the bus or how many friends are doing indoor dining now, and I just...don't have it in me to get worked up about it any more. People are tired, this is what happens when people get tired, and there's very little you or I can do about it.

  20. It wasn't a flu if it was a fun time, it was a cold. Being unable to get out of bed to play video games would be the order of the day.

  21. Keep doing your thing and ignore everything Wormslayer says, you already know why

  22. More likely its a fakeout to Sauron. Or they just make a Gandalf-like wizard character because these are hacks who just pastiche existing material

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