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  1. I studied rattlesnakes for my masters. I got into a PhD exploring chytrid in SA. Have made a switch of projects to study SFD across the US. I have no idea what I'm doing. You should be alright.

  2. What type of region/habitat do you anticipate working in?

  3. Turned out great! Love the colors. How did you attach the legs to the bottom of the slab? I have some hickory slabs that were miller from a tree on our property and would love to make something similar to this.

  4. Thanks! all the legs were done with wedged tenon joints.

  5. Have you repotted it, or is it in its original pot with growing medium from when you acquired it? Good chance there are root issues and repotting may help.

  6. Definitely on the early side. Central Ohio is well ahead from average growing degree days for late February. Was driving from Columbus to Cleveland yesterday afternoon and noted that red maples were budding.

  7. What's the old joke? If you don't like the weather in Ohio, just wait 15 minutes?

  8. Looks great. I had a hickory tree milled - still drying. Can't wait to start making stuff from it. Heard the wood can be challenging to work with - any tips from your experience?

  9. Athens is situated in the Hocking River watershed and receives its municipal water supply from groundwater wells. The Hocking does drain to the Ohio River, but any runoff from East Palestine should not affect you as you are in a separate drainage. Can't speak to potential aerial issues from the burn plume.

  10. Going with Alt is one of my favorite endings, personally! It's very bittersweet but beautifully done.

  11. So, I think I've done 4 playthroughs now and this is the first time I've done the secret Johnny ending. Googled "Should I go with Alt?" and found this thread and your post. So glad your comment popped up first...what a great ending...! Thank you!

  12. Looks great! Was hoping for the last photo to be a big reveal of the plants, haha!

  13. Brother and I started a fresh game for Mistlands. Can't remember the name of them off hand, but we have a few mods we are using that provide nice quality of life improvements without fundamentally changing the game.

  14. Looks great! Hope to make something similar from boards milled from a hickory we had cut at the house.

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