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  1. Testing tickets were €20, the stands were quiet and you could sit anywhere. A much more relaxing and enjoyable experience than attending a GP for 10x more money.

  2. Regardless of what happens tomorrow this has been a cracking tournament and I've been seriously enjoying it.

  3. Anyone got a video/know where to find one of the intros and ovations at the start of the match last night?

  4. Where are you based? You can find it all on iplayer in the UK or Eurosport Player/Discovery+

  5. So they will probably be the first to launch it? Did anyone ever launch before 10th of February?

  6. The working conditions were atrocious for the workers.

  7. I was going to comment on that, it looks awful. No PPE, no dust extract or ventilation, trip hazards everywhere!

  8. Yup, and it showed, i worked for the owner, for this video. He treated me like shit and didn't pay either. I wasn't there for him, i was there for the love of the game.

  9. I have no clue why he even went to sightright at the time since he had come off a season where he won 5 ranking events, but it's not like it didn't go well. In the first season with sightright he won 5 events again, made 2 other finals and got back to world number 1 (which was ridiculous given he hadn't won the worlds and he entered much less events than everyone else). He hasn't reached those levels since that season though, so maybe it did start affecting him negatively?


  11. I don’t think it needs to be there all the time really. Prefer to just see it on full table shots.

  12. Jason Mohammed and the BBC coverage can do one as far as I'm concerned, up until recently I backed the BBC's corner but not anymore.

  13. I'm firmly in your corner, a recent Eurosport convert and I don't see myself going back.

  14. Calling Hamilton a tool is ridiculous given that he is one of the country's most successful sportspeople of all time and certainly our most successful F1 driver of all time.

  15. Completely agree but I feel torn as to whether it's a good thing or not. Atmosphere during walk ons etc sounds great but I'm sure I heard someone shout "unlucky Jack" whilst Ronnie was clearing up against Lisowski which didn't sit right with me.

  16. The Street Cafe for breakfast, The Grosvenor for lunch, and Namaste for dinner ☺️

  17. Never really heard about The Street Cafe before - what makes it your top pick for breakfast?

  18. The reason why they don’t is cus they know they’re biased and match fixing

  19. The real reason we can't hear a mic is that the refs are constantly subjected to verbal abuse from the players that would be impossible to broadcast.

  20. lazy excuse. Give yellow/red for dissent, as it‘s supposed to be.

  21. He's saying "I'm not giving myself up"

  22. Thank you! I just haven't come across the article inside where they expand on this I think.

  23. Oh, there's probably not one. It's the same as "See page 94".

  24. I saw a thread a while ago I saved cause it made me research more about the subject. From now on if i go to a concert where i know i'll be exposed to high db levels for a long time i'll bring some ear plugs.

  25. The last concert I went to I wore earplugs for the first time and it was SUCH a better experience I hate myself for not trying it before.

  26. Came here to say the same thing

  27. She heaves to just fine with the main sheeted so. As she rounds up slightly, the main luffs until she falls off, wavering around a point.

  28. Something I've learned on this sub is that no matter what photo you post, you're going to get criticised for something.

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