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  1. he was definitely one of the best FA adds you could’ve gotten this year not counting the two rookie gods (Kessler, JDub)

  2. keep an eye out for jalen williams, he could pop once he gets healthy

  3. Same, guy in my 10 team is dominant. Jokic, Tatum, sga, Paul George, bam, jjj, mpj, booker, Mobley, bridges, hield, Garland, and McCollum. Can't wait for this season to be done and dismantle that team lol

  4. Didn’t know that keeper leagues were auction based so thank you for telling me fr

  5. All these yahoo complaints is why espn still has somewhat of a place in fantasy basketball

  6. Ruled out with hand soreness when he hasn’t had any hand injury. This load management shit might make me retire from fantasy, getting boring at this rate.

  7. He literally didn’t play in the asg because of a wrist injury lmfao

  8. Why Russ? His floor is what he did last night. PG and Leonard often sit out too.

  9. someone bring up all the posts that said he wouldn’t get managed

  10. He returned to the scene after two hours, plenty of time to get sober when you're pumped full of adrenaline and freaking out.

  11. If OKC had drafted him 2nd and Chet didn’t exist we’d still be pleased. Landing SGA who’s gone from “he could make an ASG” to all nba, then Giddey in a draft with Booknight, Kuminga & Suggs as the alternatives… then Chet and JDub…

  12. ROS ranking for Hayward, Kessler, Jalen Williams, Robert Williams lll?

  13. If you have Kessler I’d be okay with dropping Williams

  14. Fair point. I think above everything else, Chrissy was a scared dumb kid. He hid whenever things got real. His drug use was an escape. He didn’t kill Adriana he let someone else take care of it, I feel like ralphie would’ve snuffed her out himself with his barehands.

  15. He’s been inefficient his whole career and his TS% in February is actually lower than his season long TS%

  16. I swear , people that say Pinettas must be the owner. They certainly haven’t gone in the past few years.

  17. I haven't seen this particular field, but every ballpark I've seen with a pitch clock has it displayed at the end of the batter's eye or slightly to the side of the batter's eye. The umpire has a nearly identical view as the batter, so if he's able to see it, then presumably the batter can as well.

  18. game wasn’t played at lsu, neutral site game but idk where

  19. Jokić grabs more contested rebounds if I’m not mistaken, is a significantly better playmaker in every sense and doesn’t need to score to be the best player on the court. Embiid, despite how talented he is, still abuses the system for FTs and the reason he averages so much more PPG than Jokić is just that he’s a scorer first. If Embiid puts up 15 points, he’s had a bad game. Jokić on 15 points can put up one of the best performances of the season.

  20. so just no mention of how much better Joel is at defense lol

  21. op specifically asked what jokic does that makes people think he's better

  22. Pelicans gonna make them miss playoffs two years in a row lol

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