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  1. They all want money. All the same

  2. We know figured what so many things

  3. Gary Gensler is collecting haters as a hobby

  4. They just move or do anything when this start to affect them

  5. People will always be emotional and that will always affect them. The good ones will prevail

  6. That is the way. Profits will come.

  7. Simple. You don't. 100% effective

  8. I will watch that for sure. Love that kind of series

  9. It will happen for sure. I think it could bring good things for crypto

  10. I would not trust in a coin with a name mobilecoin but maybe it just me

  11. Because they want to save their savings?

  12. I think people overall need to rethink their strategy for sure

  13. Not curious. Crypto will be everywhere in no time

  14. The 2023 meta is continue to DCA and hold as always

  15. I don't want to know more specifications please.

  16. Because download is free. We are all poor because of bear market.

  17. I knew this will come and i still laught.

  18. Everyone under investigation. If you are serious you have nothing to fear yes?

  19. If someone is losing. Normally us

  20. Knowledge is never a bad thing. You are more prepared for the future.

  21. We will be here to see if that predictions was true or not. I think is just one more.

  22. you just have to know how to use it.

  23. More chances than most of the crypto. So yes.

  24. What is wrong with you? You are asking for a ultra rare specie that i don't know if exist because i never saw one

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