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  1. "Suletta was a tanuki woman who may have become a mother to me!" - MioMio in Mio's Counterattack a weird alternate timeline probably

  2. Thanks for sharing! They are indeed a rare breed of fans for translating this fast.

  3. original word "留了一手呢" which translates to Left a hand or saved a hand. The joke still works. Suletta saved Miorine but left a hand. Delling made a joke about suletta saving (left or retain) a hand instead of actually saving (rescuing) Miorine

  4. Wc, Saved also means set aside, stored, or preserved for later use...

  5. It's only the first week and we still have a long time to wait but almost everyone lost their mind. The three months break is gonna be fun. What type craziness are this guys gonna come up next time.

  6. I’m so salty. I thought there was new episode.

  7. Forgive them cause they have become crazy... Read and Laugh at comments.

  8. It’s only been a week and everyone has collectively lost their minds I see

  9. Everyone is still sane.. I mean they haven't theorize that Suletta is a microwave oven or a predator like alien.

  10. Don't disturb the couple, ChuChu. Why don't you go flirt with Nika instead.

  11. Is this considered a repost when image has been posted a month ago but a different TL.

  12. (sigh) I am really gonna have to spell it out for you aren't i?

  13. You're blatantly ignoring the romance between the two female leads and interpreting Mio's sacrifice like a surprise thing. This will come back at you after the anime ends. They're end game bro not your straight ship.

  14. can't wait for the hand analysis post where her nails have become shorter :U

  15. Well, Mio and Suletta needs to get married first before that happens. 😂

  16. rabid yuri fans when anyone shows any interest in any ship other than the yuri:

  17. There's nothing rabid about downvotes. I mean won't you also downvote something you disagree with in Reddit. Rabid is if someone attacks them or comment something badly about them and I don't see anyone doing that on this post.

  18. Suletta will definitely do that and Mio will actually try to solve the equation.

  19. Those guys only watch the mecha fights and doesn't care about the story at all.

  20. I don't really like this kind of yuri, it's too messed up.

  21. Thanks! I didn't check if i copied the wrong link. It's fixed now, i grab the link on their Twitter post.

  22. "And Something awakened inside of him that day"

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