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  1. I mean, his Parks character was essentially a nerdy Jim.

  2. Luckily we got Rainn Wilson instead of Seth Rogen

  3. Everyone’s talking about how horrible Rogen would be as Dwight, no one’s talking about how great Owsald would’ve been as Dwight.

  4. Can we ask.... who how n why tf did anybody do this 😆 🤣

  5. Testing wastewater for chemicals is just standard. I’m sure they just use chromatography, which separates out every element and molecule so that the amount of them can be measures. It’s not like they looked specifically for MDMA like a drug test.

  6. Holy shit i just watched a YouTube video. Imagine being all buzzed on whatever and he pulls that shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣 god damn I know log was a clown but that was so fucking dumb to watch.

  7. Don’t have to imagine it. I was lit and the rest of the crowd was.. not.

  8. Lol, honestly that show sucked and I’ve never really been into Logic ever sense. I think bringing a kid on stage to play Mario Kart for like 15 minutes was where I lost interest.

  9. Honestly the upheaval was probably just being a tech bro, its pretty common for programmers to dream of a simple life to the point there's a bit of a joke that goes something like:

  10. Lmao, being a chef is one of the most stressful professions there is.

  11. Doesn’t mean they’re not abused, and yes MDMA is a stimulant and ketamine is a dissociative, but they both have psychedelic properties. I think you have very little experience with the drug communities around these substances. Whether or not they’re addictive in the same way as heroin or meth is besides the point. People start to buy into the bullshit that they’re not dangerous specially because they’re not something you can compulsively dependent on.

  12. The color purple being a hivemind has to be the highlight of the morning for me.

  13. It'd be the end of you. You don't want this

  14. Sure thing, bitch. Excision’s 2 Hour Friday set, left side pit, Lost Lands. Oh, and I should mention I’m 6’1,” 280lbs and I was a lineman in football throughout HS and college (D3, though).

  15. Same. A few years ago, I finally felt like I accomplished something with my life, but as time marched on, I began to care less and less and now my thoughts about my career are almost, to the word, what that tweet says. My brother-in-law asked how the job was going the other day, and I could only say, “meh, it’s a job, it pays the bills, whatever.” I don’t even care anymore that I’m not addressed as “Dr.” (not a medical doctor).

  16. Stating that you don’t care in order to mention that you have a doctorate shows you do, in fact, care. Just like everyone else I’ve ever known that has a PhD.

  17. As I get older, I find it almost rude for someone to ask.

  18. This only really comes with financial security.

  19. no you're right. he was a bad dude, but as a leader he did a great job keeping people safe and protected (for the most part). i think it's interesting that we see several different methods of governance in the wall (ringo, tim, cherie et al, and now the bowinians) and we see the benefits and faults of each system. i feel like the writers have a pretty good understanding of political science!!!

  20. Yup, got a dictatorship/oligarchy, a monarchy (I’d certainly call Tim the “king” of the wall in his reign), a democracy, and now a theocracy.

  21. It's a little complicated. It depends on what you value the most, freedom of choice or living in an organized society.

  22. Here’s the thing though, it’s obvious from his dream that he did have a plan to save them all. Is giving someone the freedom to choose to needlessly die when their actual salvation could be achieved really ethical? Or is keeping people in the dark about it better for they themselves as they’d risk it regardless actually helping them? Societally we prove over and over again to make the wrong decisions. “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” -William Churchill

  23. It’s so meta you can’t even keep up with it

  24. I'm so very close to unsubbing because the same shitty, low effort reposts/memes on repeat are tiring.

  25. Hey now, hating on the Netflix series gave us a bit more life and variety. For like a month.

  26. Well yeah, we can’t exactly afford individual, luxurious mansions.

  27. Buku was held on the river by Mardi Gras World. City Park is huge. It's not something that's going to be sold. That being said, the future of Voodoo is looking kind of uncertain as well. They aren't holding it this year. We'll have to wait and see what happens in 2023.

  28. Ok, phew. I absolutely love that park! Only been to NOLA 3 times, but it’s my favorite city I’ve been to. Yeah, I’m worried Voodoo is gone forever. Was my first fest, have so many good memories from it. Seems the other Halloween fests make it hard for them to book a good lineup. Hopefully it comes back one day, seems NOLA is gonna be hurting for fests.

  29. City Park really is fantastic. I consider myself quite lucky to live walking distance from it.

  30. Getting down to NOLA for Mardi Gras is soooo on my bucket list. I know no festival can even compare to it. Honestly I want to live down there, but my current situation kinda prevents it. One day, NOLA, one day.

  31. The size of the Wall people is really inconsistent, it’s better not to think about it. The animators just make them whatever size fits for an individual scene without thinking of the larger continuity 🤷‍♀️

  32. There’s actually these really long and spindly mosquitoes you’ll see in the south sometimes. They don’t bite you or anything but they can easily get up to 1.5 inches long.

  33. Mosquito hawks, we get them in the midwest, too. Technically a crane fly, the adults live for 10-15 days, and largely don’t have the capacity to consume food (even though it’s a common misconception they eat mosquitos). So it couldn’t be one of them. Just bad animation, honestly.

  34. Your value is more than the number of people you've slept with

  35. Because I do. Because we all do. We’re social animals, being accepted by others is intrinsic to our being. Everyone who says or acts otherwise just doesn’t display it outwardly.

  36. Have you never heard of a washing machine? The fuck is this?

  37. Some stains don’t come out. Ruined my favorite shirt at a Black Sabbath show. Snuck in Tanqueray and mixed it with sprite from the vendors. Not a good choice.

  38. Established artists are active on SC too, it's not just smaller artists.

  39. They are, but they definitely seem to put less of their music there.

  40. Its all because they arent available in the united states 😒 if you look at the songs in playlists you can see

  41. They used to be, though. And I don’t imagine he has a huge following outside the US. Just odd.

  42. There wasn’t a mass of people shitting themselves to keep their rail spot looking bored during the Shebang.

  43. Haha the bassnectar wooks. Maybe things haven’t changed so much…

  44. Well they’re gone, so they sure have. Though Griz and Subtronics crowds are getting to be the same way, which sucks because I love both of them.

  45. Ya and work so I can make money to go to raves 😂

  46. I have nothing against 80’s 90’s rap…. It’s always been in Circulation for me with pretty much every genre except country… my point was just that it was a different time… the biggest acts at the time were bands like KORN and Limp Bizkit…. not saying they’re the greatest either but there’s been a definite shift in what mainstream popular music is and rock doesn’t really fit into that world anymore…. That’s all.

  47. Rock had its time. The mainstream has gravitated more towards rap, but the underground rock and metal scene people (like myself) have largely migrated to dubstep. Similar vibes, actually respectful moshpits, headbanging, lots of goth/counter culture fashion. Some artists like Sullivan King even bridge the gap between metal and dubstep. Just seems like the natural progression to me.

  48. I don't know where you live but where I am the metal scene is alive and kicking. Also why would metal progress into dubstep. It's fine to experiment but most newer metal bands I know are still very much metal. Rock has never even been close to dying just because rap got bigger in pop culture.

  49. It’s alive, sure, but not what it used to be. Skrillex himself started out screaming in a metal band, and I personally know multiple dubstep DJ/producers that got their introductions to music from being in rock/metal bands. Moreover, though, the crowds have migrated. Dubstep artists like Excision draw insanely massive crowds, much the like Metallica used to be able to draw.

  50. I’m sure it’s just everyone’s nostalgia for when they first got into the scene. I started listening in 2011-12, but never got to a live show until 2018. So that 2017-2019 sound, even though it’s not what I originally started listening to, just hits different for me. Reminds me of my wild year going to 6 fests in 2019 (EDCLV, Forest, North Coast, Dancefestopia, Lost Lands, Voodoo). God that was a ride. 2020 halted that energy so hard.

  51. Lol I have face blindness as well, I’ll forget their name, what they look like, what our history was together, etc. It makes things tricky…

  52. I couldn’t imagine having face blindness. I almost have the opposite. I always remember a face. To the point sometimes I thing I recognize people I’ve never met because they look similar to someone I do know.

  53. Please enjoy a hits list of my various achievements:

  54. The forgetting a name thing is sooooo annoying. I was at a festival last month with a group I didn’t know too well. The last day I was late heading in and so was one of the ladies from our group. She called my name out as I was walking away from camp to wait for her. We spent the entire day together and I had a great time.

  55. You can pop an advil too many times and bleed your stomach out. What is your point? It's still a medicine that works. And "destroying your libido" isn't even guaranteed. It's a common side effect that often recedes as your body acclimates.

  56. Not for everyone, there are cases where libido is permanently lost or reduced. Most of the time doctor’s wont even warn someone it’s a possible long term side effect.

  57. You forgot about their little bro anxiety

  58. Nobody is forcing you to live in the great state of Indiana. If you don’t like it here, feel free to move to Cali or NY or some other liberal shit hole.

  59. “Great state of Indiana” lmfao. Bruh I’m born and raised here and this place is a certified backwater shithole. We’re so behind the times on everything it’s ridiculous.

  60. Yeah but a lot of the times , pre rolls be burning hella uneven lol

  61. Gotta undo the end and gently roll it between your fingers. They just get overpacked in pockets of the joint due to the shaker trays they use. You just wanna lightly break it up so it redistributes, then it smokes a lot more even.

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