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BREAKING: Joni Mitchell has followed Neil Young’s lead and removed her music from Spotify. "Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue."

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  1. Summer of 69 an absolute classic, but I just loved his romantic songs growing up

  2. I didn't realize I was a Bryan Adams fan until a few months ago. The only top of my head Adams song I could name was "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" from when Don Juan deMarco came out. So I decided to look up his work, largely based on the jokes from HIMYM.

  3. That's a garbage site of popups and redirects.

  4. Where is that lynel I need lynel bows

  5. Elgin region, absolute north. A bit east of center .

  6. Considering it was basically a proto-Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I wonder if a gritty reboot (a la The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) would work nowadays.

  7. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was a comic book long before Out of This World. It was a Harvey Comics pub alongside Casper, Lil Devil, and Richie Rich.

  8. All true. But, although I grew up with Clarissa explaining, Aunt Zelda is my choice.

  9. This description also changes the tone from "Bugs Bunny cartoon doing a racist impression" to "Bugs Bunny cartoon parodying a comedian doing it". Kinda like dressing up as Trudeau in his unfortunate cosplays now, still tasteless but now also tongue in cheek.

  10. "Eh, what's up, doc?" Itself is specifically a reference to a popular Clark Gable movie It Happened One Night.

  11. Scooby-Doo and the Harlem Globetrotters

  12. Perfect Dark was better, but not as widely received.

  13. You needed the expansion pack as I recall. And my buddy had one, and we played so much Perfect Dark deathmatch at his place. It blew the doors off Goldeneye for graphics and weapon selection. I seem to recall it even had dual wielding before Halo 2 made it mainstream.

  14. You could play PvP. But story mode required the ram cart.

  15. I'm not sure whether she's Bene Gesserit, or one of the Twins from The Matrix.

  16. Idk. Let’s not forget the new Andrew hype is, well… new. Although people love Andrew now, I think Tobey was still a much bigger deal for people going into the theatre.

  17. A big thought to me is how; yes, the TASM scripts were bad. Garfield did what he could, while being directed. His Spider-Man was from '12 and '14.

  18. Angles win fights. Bunching up is dumb as hell. Not to mention: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  19. Marital rape is EXTREMELY common in places like India, so common in fact that when their version of the supreme court tried passing a law banning marital rape, many men swore to never get married

  20. It's burned in memory. Three goals. Watching at a bar, Ducks scored. I went to pee, another goal,. While taking my seat, another goal. '15-'16 playoffs, I believe.

  21. WCF v. Blackhawks. 3 in 37s. Same series with Shaw's headbutt. May 2015

  22. I guess the logic is that artichokes are expensive and “fancy” and dirty homeless don’t deserve such luxuries? Homeless people (aka lazies) only deserve cheap, garbage vegetables like beets. Then they’ll be motivated to work and stop being homeless!

  23. Crutches fact: I once found a perfectly good pair of crutches left in the dumpster at a college dorm. Instead of throwing away usable equipment see if you can donate it.

  24. Another crutches fact: Crutches are not stilts, and should not be attempted to be used as such. I have the scar to prove.

  25. Fun fact: the Nutcracker ballet was a complete and total flop when it debuted in 1892. Attempted revivals in the following decades were also complete flops. It wasn’t until the 60s when annual Christmas performances started being popular that it began to have cultural impact.

  26. Because of Fantasia, I'm a huge fan of Mussorgsky. His work being Night on Bald Mountain.

  27. Yeah, his buddy isn't visiting at all because he died due to the injuries Duntsch caused. So, so sad.

  28. Holy shit! I know him. Jerry. We've been regulars at a downtown bar for years. I realize I haven't seen him around for a while, but I'd have attributed that to covid.

  29. Imagine ticks that burrow in your skull, secreting fluids that numb the pain, and sucks on your brain matter when through...

  30. I'm both poorer and richer for the experience.

  31. I can't find it. I recall reading an experiment to grow ¿lemons? in Russia by planting a line moving north to force them to adapt.

  32. You are adults at work. They are children at school. So ridiculous!

  33. "Some day, when your brain has matured, you'll understand the difference."

  34. It's not the charge of the particle that's flipped, it's the properties of the component quarks. The quarks have fundamental charges that are flipped.

  35. OP's initial question was beyond eli5.

  36. Punching Nazis is the most wholesome thing you can do.

  37. Should the need ever arise, I'll ask a jury of my peers.

  38. My in-laws are from Mexico but were all about building the wall to keep other Mexicans out of the US. It was mind boggling to hear their shit. Absolutely disgusting people.

  39. It's become customary to kick out the ladder after climbing it.

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