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  1. So I should never stop proficiently lying, got it!

  2. Horns only. Antlers are solid bone once the velvet is off

  3. I also learned the difference yesterday.

  4. If it’s about that front page post with the shed antlers, I made that one

  5. From experience: alcoholic = soft.

  6. "Why do you talk like that? We're from Fresno."

  7. It from Bojack Horseman. One of the characters speaks with Mid-Atlantic, and her sister asks that question.

  8. I just rewatched that yesterday, having not seen it in an eon! I was amazed at all the actors who went on to bigger! Especially Tom Kenny as Binky.

  9. It's a sign of dry environment that causes the caps to crack normally. These icebergs seem to form that pretty consistently as one of its traits without having dry conditions. Mushrooms just work in weird ways sometimes with genetics.

  10. This happened in the movie Short Circuit. The robot accidentally crushed a grasshopper and thought it just got disassembled. Then the human character explained that the grasshopper is actually dead and the robot started thinking if he got disassembled as a robot he would die

  11. Hopefully they add a colorless as silver or diamond.

  12. Pacific Standard Time. California,

  13. Exactly. Wanting to be a Kardashian for a day. Seriously, who really wants to be a fake, plastic shell if an actual human. Yuck

  14. Excessively lavish weddings (in the U.S.) started becoming mainstream after Diana and Charles' wedding.

  15. This has been posted before? I found it because my mom is friends with one of them on Facebook. My family is involved with the music industry and the guy in the photo is in a band

  16. The guy is Claudia's (leftward) husband.

  17. I get way too much 'L'appel du Vide' from this.

  18. Indeed. The whole point of a legitimate, nonpedobait young-looking ancient character is the unsettling dissonance between appearance and action.

  19. I can think of a few good RP reasons to want to play a 'Benjamin Button', or 'Five' from Umbrella Academy. Outside of that, yeah. Pervs.

  20. it looks so accurate. waffle house is just built different compared to other establishments, it's like you enter a waffle house and you teleport to an alternate plane of existence. waffle house is the SCP of restaurants. it just feels different, there is always a visible layer of grime on almost every surface, the food is really good and always brings back fuzzy memories of childhood long past, and not to mention it takes nothing short of the apocalypse to make one close

  21. I can't help but call bullshit. True, this may be an SCP Waffle House. But that's because no true Waffle House has every letter lit in the sign. The Waffle House near where I grew up spent it's entire existence as AFFLE HOUS.

  22. Same. I was thinking "Went from Tom Green, to Mason Verger, to Walter Sobchak".

  23. Should’ve been passed 30 years ago when it was used to silence victims

  24. True. But it's happening now. Times to plant a tree, and all.

  25. I used to. I still do, but I also used to.

  26. Intake manifold covering rear half of spark plugs PTSD intensifies

  27. Meh. The last Rover I worked on required removing the intake to change the unicoil and wires.

  28. When i see people act like that all I think is "you've lived a very nice life, haven't you?"

  29. Having interacted with a few, I interpret that as having never developed coping skills to deal with disappointment or loss.

  30. I know not a lot of people like this sort of speculation, but I wonder if this was one of those "tip the scales" moments in this person's life. I've been through a lot, and I can take a lot on the chin, up until I can't. Then something as stupid as my cat biting a hole in my brand new and fresh packed vacuum sealed bags is enough to drop me to my knees and scream to the gods.

  31. It that's what it takes to tip the scale...

  32. This is why I'd love to retire with a detached property. I'd absolutely make productive use of the yard space with crops and chickens.

  33. Sounds like you have a dragon with low standards.

  34. RiF doesn't allow awarding, but if it did.

  35. That's a meme iv even wanting to make for

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