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  1. I should clarify, that if the regime of Iran is to fall then there’s the likelihood that the Iranian military collapses, leaving behind weapons that could be used for violence. It doesn’t matter if no Islamist terrorists ride up from within, other groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are going to make a move. I should also remind you that Iran has a mess of several ethnic groups, such as the Kurds in the west. The regime was able to at least force them all to stay compliant, but if they collapse and the provisional government fails to keep them happy, then they will all try to break free and eliminate their enemies. I hope that none of what I said comes to fruition, but it has to be taken in consideration.

  2. Why did this look like the old man can fight and the younger guys dont even know how to throw a punch

  3. I need to know this old man's life story leading up to this.....

  4. Religion has a lot to answer for. It just seems to be a breeding ground for child abuse, terrorism, war and money grabbing in the modern world. Anyone with a sound mind rightly stays well clear of it, I feel sorry for the vulnerable/innocent victims who have been brainwashed by it.

  5. Most religions exist to ensure youth defers to their elders in everything including first crack at their cherry.

  6. It gets cold in those things in the water.

  7. That's worthy of either Frank Muir or Dennis Nordern.

  8. Don't focus on the dress itself or a woman wearing the same outfit twice, the way the UK is following many of the plot points mapped out well beforehand in the "Years and Years" dystopian family saga is distressing. Boat people, detention camps, social decay and unrest, Betty Windsor dying in 2022, a deadly epidemic, clueless Dunning-Kruger PM wearing that hideous dress ...

  9. As a Londoner from Saaf ov da River, she can take a long walk off an incredibly short pier.

  10. Better wait until Rishi or Nadine get eventually promoted to the HoL ...

  11. apiarist: has a wife named Beatrice, daughter called honey. drives a beemer. fav quote : to bea or not to bea

  12. 7/9 news is more in line with traditional Australian values and Australian 'spirit'. ABC likes to do their subversive thing. Don't you feel the ppl on 7 news seem more like 'everyday Aussies' than the ABC?

  13. People keep mentioned you can opt out of ads containing gambling through Google preferences, it doesn't work. I have opted out of gambling ads and it says "We'll try to not show you this content", and then they do anyway, constantly. I hate it so much.

  14. Depends on the content you view. If you view any kind of sports the gambling ads will still show.

  15. They'd be baked in at source? Can't help much as I take what sport I watch straight from TV

  16. Is Sydney United the old South Sydney Croatia from the Phillips Soccer League? The old days of ethnic teams: St George Budapest, Apia Leichhardt, Sydney Olympic, Hakoah etc. Thought that was in the past, sadly not.

  17. Red and white chequerboard tablecloth not enough of a clue? No-one else would show that. It's like biker colours.

  18. Croats will never let go of they're Ustase heritage

  19. Dispassionate researched analysis of Ustaša's activities in Australia

  20. I actually have a job in data entry right now however it has nothing to do with programming. Do you have any advice for the next logical step? I currently pay a premium to rent alone as I can't live with others. I am also diagnosed (in adulthood) as autistic as well as having CPTSD from my childhood so I am not sure how feasible it will be with my burn out and social deficits to succeed because of the consistently strong work ethic and networking that would be required to move out of entry level. I'm already finding that those who are succeeding around me have education, stable supports, lots of community connections and confidence that I am not close to having yet. I am not formally educated. Because my limit for overwhelm and exhaustion is low I have been considering moving to part time but that idea sounds too crazy since I have little savings as yet and no friends or family to fall back on at all.

  21. Excel is a great way to ease into money management. Hint: manageing your budget. There's heaps of howtos online or, Second hint, books in the local library you should go join where you may even find info on inexpensive classes.

  22. Find people who share your favorite interests once you're beyond taking charge of the basics as suggested by other wonderful contributors to your post.

  23. there needs to be a Australian ghostbusters now. Fuck adding a all female cast, it needs a all Australian cast, with all Australian ghosts.

  24. I’m just glad the country came together to stop a dangerous ideologue like him at the last election, the country would have collapsed as soon as covid hit with him and his ilk in charge

  25. There is no way you can prove your vapid speculation.

  26. Bonds has gone to shit with all their stuff, I think. Even their baby onesies are significantly lower in quality.

  27. Doctors do a unit in shitty handwriting at University and apparently all of them get HDs.

  28. My handwriting was considered terrible for a student in the 90s, was called in once to transcribe every word of an exam essay because nobody could read it.

  29. Sympathy from a fellow cackhander. Backhanded rulez OK.

  30. If we can ban Nazi symbolism we can and should ban the fascist salute.

  31. I'm pretty sure they (Woodside) pulled out of Myanmar in January.

  32. I wasn’t aware of Woodside ( or know there involvement ) but not to surprised. I’m aware that adani has been funding the military in Myanmar for mining interests. These businesses that help fund civil wars for there own interests should not be able to operate in Australia/ should be penalised to the point that it is not worth while for them to be involved in such conflict’s. In doing nothing Australia is essentially showing support to these conflicts. The military in Myanmar has been causing genocide and this should be of a serious concern for Australians.

  33. No, it's a genuinely dumb question from an incurious organism.

  34. Waiting for Deepwater Horizon repair bot to turn up and seal off the upstream pipe forever.

  35. Myki vending machines on trams were originally planned to be included the system, but later removed from scope. A couple of trams had test units installed.

  36. IIRC topups require more reliable realtime comms bandwidth than trams can provide.

  37. No that's not correct. On-system top-up may need comms bandwidth to confirm a bank transaction, but a cash transaction doesn't - because all the machine has to do in real time is write the new balance to the Myki card.

  38. As I correctly said, top-ups were the bottleneck that axed onboard full-service terminals being installed.

  39. Wow you guys have yourself a regular Reagan Republican there. Sorry for any influence my garbage fire country might have been

  40. Ms Truss(t) is cosplaying Moggie Thatcher, Reagan's dominatrix.

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