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  1. That’s what I thought too! Even on the app it has July 22 as the last day for cancer but still has me listed as a Leo? So odd lol. I thought maybe it had something to do with the time and place maybe but idk I’m so new to all of this

  2. My son was born on July 22 and so I’ve looked into this a lot because he was supposed to be a Leo. But honestly Leo men are kind of the worst sometimes so I’m glad he’s a cancer and he has some Leo placements, which you probably do as well. Your sunshine doesn’t really mean all that much anyway. Get your whole chart done it takes about three minutes. I like for a quick and accurate birth chart.

  3. Hi- wondering what ever happened with your jaw dent. - If it resolved or if you had something done? I have them on either side and I’m 8 months post op. Also didn’t have them before.

  4. If the reiki is not wanted or needed by the spirit it will go where it is wanted needed. Even if that is right back to the sender. Just for today do not worry

  5. I sing in my car by myself but agency signing wise, I only signed commercially with LoveTalent in LA. My manager does my theatrical and we’re not signing with anyone until I get a big booking so then I can sign with a top 10 agency

  6. It took me 7.5 months to look normal again. It will get better. Focus on anti inflammation diet, exercise and keeping your heart happy.

  7. what would you recommend diet wise? i’ve been eating a lot of the things i’ve read are anti-inflammatory but i’m not sure they’re working 😅

  8. Just stick with it! What really made a difference for me was drinking Ka’chava and adding Lions Mane, Reishi to my coffee in the morning. My nerves started to heal faster.

  9. Hey, did your lip ever go back to normal? I’m currently experiencing this too and hoping I won’t need a lip lift :,o

  10. Hi oh, I am very sorry to hear this but yes, it will get better! It takes a long time though. I’m seven months postop and mine is close to back to normal but because I had this kind of high cut, there is still some tissue missing beneath my nose, so the lack of support shows very slightly. But as far as looking like a monkey goes, yes, that will get better have no fear.

  11. I practice many forms, and yes, they can all work together very harmoniously. Some forms of reiki will have their own session. What I don’t do often is let my client choose which they need because I find that often times they don’t know the difference and I prefer to let spirit decide- especially if it’s one of my more intensive sessions I let spirit guide me as to what modality to use and what energy system. Different systems work for a different people. As a master, you should be open to receiving guidance as to what to use and when. I would suggest working on yourself with each system for a year though before doing it on others interchangeably.

  12. That's a good idea. I didn't think he shifted it down, but counterclockwise. He didn't talk about the space between my lips and nose getting bigger...

  13. It’s probably just swelling and muscles being cut there so it’s not as tight. I had that too. I’m 8 Monet post op and it’s getting better but slowly

  14. No one can afford bad karma- especially not an APE. It doesn’t take a talent to be mean. You snarky bullys who think anyone “deserves” to be swindled sound pretty hypocritical and deserving of some losses in the near future. Good luck!!

  15. There’s a root cause to the acne that should be addressed. I’d get allergy tested and a blood panel to look at hormone balance. Maybe it’s sugar, or dairy or gluten. Your body is trying to get rid of something.

  16. Nice job!! Your tape is stellar and you look gorgeous! Not a fan of how they flattened out your hair for the scene like why??

  17. I have my surgery with him at the end of this month 🙏🏼 thank you so much for your response , do you have any photos you’d be willing to share ? 🤍

  18. One year of immersion is not very long. Call it energy healing if you are sure that you are not in integrity with a lineage. If you want to call it reiki, say what style it is. Reiki protects you, reiki erases your ego and connects you to the highest wisdom that uses you as a vessel. You’re overthinking it all and perhaps spreading yourself too thin. Only one year? Just focus on yourself.

  19. No one never commented. Did you ever find exercises? Did the asymmetry resolve.

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