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  1. Nekko would just be Android 21 or mby look like Ally when in start position with same bade butto .

  2. I see an impressive amount of correlation of Neeko with her pasive when her entire kit doesn't actually revolve about it.

  3. Not since his rework. I think his initial version had more than four legs, but his current version has 4 mechanical legs.

  4. Nah, he used to have 4 tiny legs, and now he has 6 big ass legs with shotguns.

  5. While I won't take this as confirmation of any particular character it is kind of heartening to hear.

  6. Im still hoping for Yuumi because literally no one has put her on a list and i think it would be very funny.

  7. I like D. He’s incredibly weak, so he has to make up for his weakness by playing dirty and exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses instead. Seeing a protagonist tactfully deal with their problems/battles is always good to see.

  8. OKAY FINE I WILL DOWNLOAD the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, that has a has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime.

  9. To add more advices to what the other guy said:

  10. Man, House of Dragons already fills my incest quota. The shock factor was funny the first few times, now it's just getting weird.

  11. is this season casually about to be one of the best of the series??

  12. Rick and Morty finally has what it needed to become the strongest: Incest.

  13. Even as a kid, Napalm Man was a QUESTIONABLE choice

  14. No no, that one was made by Willy, so it was always meant to be evil.

  15. Doctor Strange recently(?) won a bet against Mephisto to get Spider Man free again, and i think save Harry Osborn's soul

  16. 616 Peter Parker. He looked at Pete's soul and saw some evil bullshit on it, so he won a bet with Mephisto to fix it. Miles ALSO has an ongoing thing with Mephisto to bring Ms Marvel and someone else back to live after a mission went bad, but this wasn't for his thing

  17. as far as I know Mr compress is a petty thief ain't he. he had that revolutionary dad or some shit backstory but I don't think that came to anything.

  18. Yeah Mr Compress is like, just a white glove thief.

  19. Going to be honest i read "Ant man vs Black man" and now im just dissapointed.

  20. How. How could you even make Disco Elysium a Live Service game? You literally just walk around and solve a mystery! What, am I gonna be able to buy clues?

  21. The sincere answer to this is fallen London (still have 0 faith in zaum)

  22. I don't know why i thought i was going to google that and find there is like a wierd mmo point and click mistery game

  23. That was a rule from the start tho. Kashimo was the first to add a rule.

  24. Again, it's because i missunderstood that rule that i was confused about what rule they added that made them be fine.

  25. You couldn't give people your points initially. The only way to get points was to kill.

  26. So i went to the wiki and aparently they added two rules, and i was extremelly confused about how they all were safe untill i saw that as long as your points changed, you would be safe, and it didn't have to be bigger than before, meaning the rule about "losing your powers" only activates if you are an idiot

  27. Ok hold on, number 3 is definetly not a fate worse than death

  28. Ganon is iconic, of course, but like Bowser, it gets a little old seeing him, because he's almost expected. Thankfully, the Zelda series actually has quite a few non-Ganon villains.

  29. Id argue that Bowser, unlike Ganondorf, has it way better.

  30. This is only the second time I've seen a sword called Rebellion. And that other Rebellion also had a skull embedded on it.

  31. Juiz just need to do a lil roundtrip and well be all fine.

  32. Morgana is a lot more demacian than vayne is in the lore

  33. But Vayne is the sentinel in charge of Demacia...

  34. As opposed to having colourless hair and being referred to exclusively by name

  35. You see it to a limited degree in one of the scrolls in 1 and in the chat room in the DLC for 2. He was a samurai, of course, but much of his face was overshadowed and of course, being it was from his youth, it was long, long ago

  36. Reminder that there's hints that she is also royalty

  37. alfred doesn't work at wayne enterprise he is a butler

  38. Another reminder of the fact that this is fiction.

  39. Have you considered he might NOT want to do that?

  40. yeah hes no crocodile hybrid hes just a dude whose body just casually devolved to be more lizard like

  41. Still can't fucking believe this is from the same author as Go-Toubun no Hanayome. Fucking badass.

  42. i love how this subreddit loves getting so up in arms about how mangaka should have a more relaxed schedule until they actually see what that means and do nothing but complain about the pacing XD

  43. There is multiple bi-weekly manga arround and the only one people complain about is this one.

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