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  1. Your play time is on the low side compared to good players, also hardware plays a role. Good monitor, ethernet, and good controller help.

  2. You have to hook this ramen up with some spring onions, bamboo, half boiled egg, meat if you can. It's too good to not make right imo

  3. Yea its definitely too good to have by itself, the first time i only put a egg in it because i was just trying it but it can really live up to restaurant noodles if its done up right

  4. If Waddle could come down with some of these, they may be winning by a few possessions. I know a couple were tough and contested, but if there was ever a time they need him to step up, this is it!

  5. Is it possible that going from a lefty passer to a righty passer contributed to the abnormal amount of waddle drops?

  6. Lookout. We've seen Carrot serve as lookout several times and she basically lived up there. Pedro also navigated to the crow's nest.

  7. Zoro is also seen to hang out in the crows nest and nami always keeping a eye out for weather, lookout is not really a necessary role with observation haki becoming stronger. The crew already has stronger fighters so she isn’t super helpful in that role besides her surlong form which would be a nightmare to write since it requires a full moon.

  8. Zoro sleeps alot, Nami has her eye on the Log Pose, Lookout is not their role and having a dedicated lookout would free them up for their respective roles better.

  9. At this point in the story I don’t think look out is important, literally any crew member can do it and very few things threaten the crew at their current state. If they were looking for more muscle they would have asked Yamato to join or wait for a more polished fighter. She also does not have a unique skill to help luffy on the journey to become pirate king. Carrot is 15 and the crew is battling end game enemies who are more experienced and crazy strong. Dedicating a arc for carrot to get a feasible power up seems like a poor storyboard choice when other more established crew mates are still developing. Also now more than ever haki is super important and i doubt she possesses enough to be effective.

  10. Maybe Enies lobby uses some of the float tech to stay above the waterfall, or maybe the waterfall hole is man made.

  11. I was just kidding lol but Oda does seem to be very cookie cutter/lewd with the female characters, he even turned Alvida sexy. Nami and Robins new vegapunk outfits were so cringe, they dont even have pants

  12. Not really, you got your Dr. kurea, Granny Kokuro, Catarina Devon, basically all of the female baroque agents except vivi and miss doublefinger, Chiffon, Lola , Bakkin, Dadan, and Ivankov if you wanna be funny but you get the point

  13. Not really because still only a handful compared to the many “hourglass” characters Oda creates.

  14. Monkey paw unfurls. Kyrie becomes Orthodox Jewish extremist convert and promotes death to palestine.

  15. So if Momo could not transform into a hybrid form vegapunk could deem it a failure, that means hes able to test the fruit somehow without someone eating it which is interesting.

  16. Only ravens receiver that matters is mandrews, went into the draft thinking this and am not disappointed

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