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  1. Monroeville is about a two hour drive north of Mobile if you want some history. It has the small town vibe and was the setting for To Kill a Mockingbird.

  2. Added a new class of possible apps, for things like the ability to pay for gas, tolls, etc. But there haven’t been any to take advantage of this yet.

  3. Question: Did your car come with CarPlay built-in? And does it have it's own Nav?

  4. It did not. It’s a Grom VLine installed in a 2008 Infiniti G35 without OEM navigation. The VLine does have a GPS receiver, though. So I suppose it could have still been using another GPS source.

  5. How to you get your battery on the side of your screen?

  6. It’s the default when using wireless CarPlay.

  7. Star Trek V: Sybock takes the Enterprise to the center of the galaxy where “God’s” planet supposedly is located, a distance of ~30,000 light years. At maximum warp, this trip would have required decades. The Enterprise gets there in a few minutes.

  8. I’ve had 5 Eufy cams for some time, but the battery drain is significantly higher with HKSV. I’m in the process of running power wires to all of them since I know my wife would veto the solar panels. Also, it won’t allow more than 4 cams to be integrated with HKSV. Maybe a second home base would allow this, but not sure.

  9. If Lutron Caseta is available in the UK, I would go with that. I have several covering two way switches. You have to determine which is the primary of the two switches, and install the smart switch there. They sell a remote and wall plate adapter which you install over the secondary switch after tying together the wires to complete the circuit.

  10. I have this in my ‘08 Infiniti G35. It works pretty well. The only downside is you have to work with the OEM screen, which will likely have poorer resolution than cars with OEM CarPlay.

  11. Turn off Siri suggestions for the app and it shouldn’t do it anymore. Settings > Maps > Siri & Search > Suggestions: Show in App.

  12. Think that will fix the iPhone widgets doing the same thing? If Siri were better at predicting where I wanted to go…

  13. I doubt it. My widgets still do that occasionally.

  14. You could create a scene with all lights selected and set to turn off. Then you could just tell Siri to run the scene.

  15. Is the motor free-moving, so the door can still be operated the old-fashioned way?

  16. I’ve got the Eve MotionBlinds (Thread), and the Aqara T1C Roller motor (Zigbee). Both are excellent, but I’ve spoken to someone on here previously about SmartWings. They do look and sound quite good, but as they’re Bluetooth only at present, it may put some off.

  17. Is the motor on the Aqara roller free-moving? In other words, can the blinds still be opened the old-fashioned way by pulling on the cord/chain?

  18. I’ve noticed within the same drive it zooms out on some roads enough to lose the building detail, but zooms back in when I make a turn.

  19. On the 3-way, you’ll have to determine which is the primary switch. You’ll install the smart switch where the primary currently is. For the other, you’ll just tie all the wires together to complete the circuit. You can then put a Pico remote over the hole where the slave switch was. Lutron sells a remote with wall mounting adapter. I’m sure there’s a way to determine which switch is which, probably involving a voltage meter I didn’t want to buy, but I just used trial and error. If I hooked up the smart switch and it didn’t work, I pulled it back out and installed it in the other gang box.

  20. A huge thank you for this. I have 3 3-ways in my home and over time I will want to replace all three.

  21. The batteries in mine are still going after about 9 months. They’re supposed to be removable from the wall Mount but I haven’t needed to try that yet.

  22. Here’s one I wrote which scans all calendars for events the next morning. You can then choose the event and, if the event has a location saved, it will calculate driving time plus an additional amount of time you choose (default is 1 hour). You also can choose whether you’ll be leaving from your location when you run the shortcut, or an address you enter (for purposes of calculating the driving time).

  23. My wake up automation runs a shortcut to check if it’s dawn yet. If not, the automation turns on certain lights. Then, 15 minutes after sunrise, another automation turns off these lights. My wife’s phone has the same automation/shortcut so it works for whoever wakes up first. Since it’s dynamic (based on the sunrise time each day), it keeps me from constantly adjusting a fixed-time automation. It’s been running for about two years and I never have to touch it; except to add new lights (when the wife lets me buy them 😎).

  24. This happens to me sometimes with native HomeKit devices. I seem to remember that, when you interact with HomeKit devices in control center, you’re doing it through Siri. So, if Siri isn’t responding, the device won’t respond. A few times I have tried to unlock a door by asking Siri, and Siri didn’t respond at all or said it was unavailable. When I tried to control center, I got the same error as you.

  25. Bought several of them, ripped them all out and replaced with Lutron. Didn’t have them long enough to comment on general reliability, but I couldn’t get any of the remote switches to pair to the mains.

  26. It looks like it’s been replaced with an alert selection on the right side. It works like Waze now: you can select turn by turn directions, or alerts only. I like it better because it stays that way without having to hit the ETA only every time.

  27. Lutron Caseta have been the best of the three brands I’ve tried. You have to buy a hub, so I’m not sure how cost effective they are. But they were far easier to install than the others (they don’t require a neutral wire), and have worked flawlessly.

  28. Thanks! Used this on a medication reminder shortcut I’m working on. Now, I can tap the URL in the reminder to run the shortcut instead of having to go to the Shortcuts app.

  29. Try this. Right now, it’s set up to pull events from all calendars, but you can change the first action in the shortcut to a calendar of your choosing.

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