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HomeKit dog house, done!

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  1. If you make a profile, you can specify which device type to target with the values

  2. Honestly, with all the reports of HomePods bricking, the fact that it’s literally discontinued, and that Apple is going to release the next gen in a year or two, or that a brand new HomePod retailed for not much more, it’s not a good buy. A $250 speaker that may become useless in a few years with no support or recourse is NOT something you should spend money on.

  3. Shhh stop talking sense in this sub… no-one wants to hear your crazy valid points.

  4. That’s an AirPort Extreme not an express. The AirPort Express that’s compatible is like a flatter white Apple TV.

  5. Here’s the thing, a vpn setup is absolutely fine if you’re the only one using it. But as soon as you need to include someone else then the approval factor usually takes a nosedive.

  6. How do you allow access? Just reverse proxy and let Home assistant handle the auth?

  7. Another option would be to use Nabu Casa, which is functionally similar but requires very little special configuration.

  8. I currently use WireGuard, but was looking at the pros and cons of each method, from nabu casa, reverse proxy, cloud flare or even mutual trust certs.

  9. Can you share more about how you did that, please? That's a good data point to have when oil prices are high but temperatures are low.

  10. Thank you! I have no doubt a future reader will love you for this detailed and specific post.

  11. I put a bit of detail in as I couldn't find one singular guide on how to do it, and spent a few days reading and testing to get it to work (and did think of writing it up a step by step guide to be clearer), so figured this comment might help a future person.

  12. Yeah it was a revelation to get the little hygrometers and realise my extractor fans were doing sweet F A! The dampest room in the house is the one directly ABOVE the kitchen/bathroom so at least I know the culprit. That’s where the dehumidifier’s going.

  13. Not doing anything is the problem. I live in a really old house and have many measures to deal with moisture. One being always using a towel to wipe down the windows each morning to remove excess water. Not doing so lets mould build up around windows. Your neighbours are going to have bad mould.

  14. This is interesting. I just thought everyone used Pi-hole. Still new to this stuff. Could you run adguard and HA on one pi?

  15. And then some, I run a ton of stuff in docker on Pi4’s. They chug along really nicely.

  16. How do you handle feeding? That’s the one thing I’m still trying to perfect

  17. The Aqara C1 pet feeder is really good. I set an automation to feed breakfast based on the back door opening when getting back from a morning walk, and then a set time for dinner. My dog loves it.

  18. Are you sure it’s not a returned item that got sent out as ‘new’? Password was set to off when I got my G2H pro and there was no issue connecting to HomeKit only. I have a load of G2H’s and they work fine in HomeKit only too.

  19. My uses cases include: my office chair, so when I get up the light turns off after one minute. It also runs a shortcut first thing to ssh into my laptop and open everything I need when I sit down.

  20. How do you modify it? I have an older HD7 lying around if i can do this too. Can you have it boot to HA or no?

  21. I have a load of HD7’s in use as room dashboards. If you use a a dns adblocker (like PiHole or Adguard home) and block Amazon (and pretty much anything the Fire queries) it makes them usable. Even for camera dashboards. I have one running all cameras and its pretty reliable and responsive.

  22. No it’s not HomeKit. But it is Siri shortcut compatible so you can ask Siri to initiate a feed.

  23. Reboot your hub (Apple tv or HomePod), as the processing is done by them. HomePods aren’t the best as HKSV and can get stuck.

  24. You don’t need a smart master thermostat to use with TRV’s.

  25. Webhooks are associated to your plex account/server, but depending on the software that receives it (the one controlling lights) all your shared friends’ accounts could trigger it when they play something. As it’s your sever that knows when something is played.

  26. Interesting. I understood that the webhooks were set at the account level and so the server would trigger them based on the requesting account, but it seems you're asserting that as false.

  27. It’s both really as you need a plex pass to enable webhooks but the webhook is managed by the server.

  28. My favourite is opening and closing of blinds. Not having to go round and manually adjust them is awesome (read super lazy).

  29. Which blinds are you using?

  30. Aqara E1, which you can add to pre-existing blinds.

  31. My parents live in a 3 bedroom ex-council house and it's usually just them and my sister's kids, and they spent around £200-230 a month before this whole rise.

  32. What are they using? They could probably make cuts/be more efficient.

  33. I have a G2H in my chicken house (to keep an eye on them). Temps this summer in the chicken house went to 48 degrees (I also have an Aqara temp sensor in there). The G2H worked fine in the heat. The operating temp is up to 50 degrees or so.

  34. To help avoid mould issues, use cheap usb computer fans on a timer switch. Place them behind sofas, in corners etc. with poor airflow and it’ll help prevent mould build up. They use like 0.1w per hour so are very cheap to run and effective.

  35. I should clarify I have LOTS of hubs. There are three Apple TV’s and a gang of HomePods, and the HOOBS box is actually meant to act as a stand-alone bridge for the non-native accessories by itself. I’m trying to figure out why it is that when I close my laptop all the non-native things stop responding in the home app. The HOOBS box is constantly on and connected so it should be working

  36. What are the non native devices that stop working?

  37. I set this up recently, and it’s notified me each time a website I was following changed.

  38. Yes it’s definitely worth a read if you like science fiction (you’d need to read Judas Unchained after as it’s the follow on).

  39. It makes me want to fuggin scream that we cannot choose which device is the hub. I hard-wired an Apple TV and it constantly goes back to HomePods on its own. Grrrrr

  40. Run your HomePods on a build behind the Apple TV. Eg Apple TV on latest, and HomePods on the build prior to latest. The Apple TV will default to the hub and if a HomePod takes over (an apple tv restart for example), a quick reboot of the homepod that took over reverts it to the Apple TV. I’ve been doing this for a while to make sure my Apple TV is the hub (mainly for HKSV).

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