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  1. They got student loans, too...

  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. Just know they are incredibly miserable people who are not capable of empathy. It's sociopathic behavior.

  3. The whole Mad Men vibe is just wrong. She’s supposed to be a big woke champion of “rights”. You can take the girl out of the Marijuana initiative but you can’t the the marijuana initiative out of the girl.

  4. I got told “retro is in”. They are so afraid to disagree with Big Al.

  5. Oh sorry I thought the black marker was a mask at first glance

  6. I’m so annoyed about This entire situation because they are shaming MILLIONS Of moms with this entire situation. There’s about a million and a half things that could be contributing to her being tired or not feeling good but clearly it’s abuse because Maia shoves a binky in her mouth and she’s clingy. When the entire time they’ve been complaining she doesn’t hug scout enough. Now she shows her to much attention . At this point Maia possibly couldn’t do anything to please them. My toddler is obsessed with her binky and stuffy some days and some days she doesn’t care about either until sleeping. And she’s clingy af. I can’t even leave the room without her screaming mom mom mom at me . She loves to cuddle and watch movies with me. (Of course we play and do crafts and stuff to)But I guess her being clingy means I’m a bad mom? Like the fuck is wrong with these people and I hope they can lay their heads down at night knowing they aren’t only taking Maia down, but they’re taking other moms down with the crap they make them feel guilty for reading the sub and comments.

  7. I literally explained to them the entire reason Scout is now using a paci. Maia explained it in detail. Maia can never win with these crazies.

  8. We moved in 3 days ago and already had to talk to her about this twice 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. I hate to say it but I must…. Romeo isn’t all that either. Look all kids are cute, I know I have two. But, her kids are so overexposed that they aren’t cute anymore. Malibu is a sweetie but we don’t even know what she looks like because Mami filters her face. Ridiculous 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  10. Do you know what, if she came out and said, “Look, I’m deeply insecure and I felt like I’d seem more interesting if people thought I was Spanish. Obviously I’m not and I’m really embarrassed and I apologise. I’m going to work on my insecurities.” I’d respect that. Her ongoing commitment to the grift is the most laughable thing about it.

  11. Let me guess you got banned 🤣 I'm right there in sin bin with ya 😂

  12. Perioral dermatitis can be so difficult to treat and it really ruins self esteem. Had that for five years tried absolutely everything under the sun including expensive prescriptions, felt horrible about myself.

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