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  1. Random discovery of the day. Hoax is about Calvin Harris. I was so perplexed by the meaning of the song before, mostly because I was thrown off the scent by the “don’t want no other shade of blue but you” line, which immediately made me think it was about Joe, and then the rest of the terribly sad song I just assumed she made up a folklore story with pieces of her life. But I was singing the line today for no reason and I just remembered Calvin has blue eyes too. Duh, and then I searched it and there’s a whole thread on Reddit from a year ago that I missed ha but anyway I’m so glad I can finally understand that beautiful heartbreaking song.

  2. Re: Carolina there are Don't Blame Me ooh-OOH's towards the end that give me rerecording hopes for next year. :1087:

  3. Ha thanks for pointing this out! I heard them and just assumed I knew them from one of the trailers but it’s soooo similar!

  4. TMZ just posted paparazzi pictures of Taylor and Joe swimming in the Bahamas. Does look like she cut her hair after Tribeca Film Festival. Between the vacation and the hair cut, really makes me thInk there is good chance she is going to announce something in next couple weeks other than Carolina.

  5. You really think? She’s going to wait 7 months post-Red, til Carolina is almost out, and then overshadow Carolina with another release or announcement? It seems odd, but I guess all of this build up feels a bit odd!

  6. Agreed, though I do check the website once a month or so. 🤡 That's her fault though, she's trained us like Pavlov's dogs now. 😉 My other favorite artists typically release a new record every five years. The sheer amount of work Taylor releases is incredible. *Edit: typo

  7. I think it’ll all come out in the wash once she’s announced or released something, assuming it’s very good or great. Unfortunately there’s a double-edged sword to showing how insanely creative and productive you are by releasing so much material in such a short period of time. You get all the credit in the world when you keep cranking out amazing new albums every 6 months, but when the momentum seems to slow, the fans get antsy.

  8. Yeah, I agree with you. The first trailer made the song sound extremely bombastic. I wonder if they edited it to make it more suspenseful because in the most recent trailer, the song sounds like a more guitary version of august. It’s really strange.

  9. It’s not uncommon when using a song in a trailer to add orchestral elements to make it more film-like. But yeah I’m very intrigued about what the parts in the first trailer sound like in the actual song

  10. Remember trailers edit songs to make them fit the trailer so maybe that's why you're stuck.

  11. For sure. But that’s why I got my guitar out. I figured if I strummed the song like the more stripped down “Carolina pines…” part I could figure out how it fit together. But it only confused me more because I couldn’t find a way to go from that to “There are places”. They almost seem like (slightly) different songs.

  12. When we discovered that Red TV was dropping 7 months after Fearless rather than 3-5, it made me realize that something had to give. Either we get a re-recording every 6-8 months and lose 3-5 years of Taylor’s new music in her new prime, or we get a few re-recordings then a new album, a few more then another new album, etc. I prefer that tbh. But who knows… she honestly may not know yet how to top or even to pivot from folklore/evermore. It’s not like it’ll be easy.

  13. Taylor didn't "like" Joe's last post & people had a cow. "They must have broke up" or "she's not a supporting girlfriend at all" etc. If she had stayed silent on his new show and had not openly supported it - she would have gotten the same shit - people Crucifying her for not supporting it & being accused of being a bad girlfriend. NOW she is openly supporting joe & his show & y'all are STILL mad.... I really can't. "Oh so how she's posting" "I can't believe she'd get on here to post about him" .. if I were Taylor I would never come back. We treat her like shit. Sorry. She can never win - ever. This 'fan' base is so tiring. Idk why she does anything for us after the way some of y'all treat her. This pedestal y'all have her on is crazy, she is not your friend and she doesn't owe you anything. You'd think this late in the game this fan base would be less toxic but guess not🥴

  14. There are toxic elements in the fan base as in all communities everywhere. It’s just typically they are stamped out by the vast majority of good people in the community. Occasionally the toxic voices get loud and the good guys get quiet, and this is one of those times. Blame it on timing or anxiety or the retrograde or whatever, but it just happens sometimes.

  15. Why is it confirmed from her latest ig story?

  16. The “Now” font she used. This is her version of a super obvious clue. Not only is it reminiscent of the OG cursive title font of Speak Now, but its a totally different font from “Out.”

  17. It’s a weird time to be sure. She’s always kept her plans secretive, but I think without having anything tangible to look forward to, all the Easter eggs and fake outs (mostly due to fake insiders, vacuous or craven media hype and insane fan clowning… guilty) are becoming annoying. The fact that we don’t know what’s next, she hasn’t been active online since December basically, she hasn’t toured in 5 years… all that combines to create an illusion of Taylor as toying with her fanbase while exploiting their devotion to sell merch.

  18. Technically yeah but I wanted to hear from some usernames I recognized because as others have said there were so many I didn’t recognize in the thread for the film from today. Some of the people on the theory threads have been here over a year and I am more used to their takes on stuff. The amount of negativity didn’t seem to match the normal climate of the sub (even compared to other ‘crisis’ situations- Miles Teller, Crawdad movie, Ginny and Georgia, etc.- although admittedly all less serious issues than SA) and I wanted to know how Twitter compared.

  19. I think the comment thread on here that I saw was a mix of fairweather Swifties, concern trolls, people legitimately offended by Taylor working on the film, and fan armies smelling blood. I’m sure Taylor didn’t know about the allegations against the director, but nonetheless there are plenty of people that will gleefully drag her for it.

  20. Someone on the theory thread tied it to Jack Antonoff’s “1984” Superjam at Bonnaroo in June. Bonnaroo famously has stages named “What,” “Which,” etc.

  21. Don't get me started on the orchestral arrangement in Back To December. Some of the most beautiful production of her career, hands down. And the STRINGS??? Too good.

  22. I love the little cello figure that leads up to the first chorus. Excites me every time. Orchestral backing to pop songs can be schmaltzy, and the violin that comes in on the second part of the chorus almost gets there, but overall I think it’s pretty fantastic.

  23. I was going to post a thread on my favorite Evermore couplets until I saw your post so I’ll just include them here instead lol. I did my favorite couplet from each track:

  24. Unconfirmed but you can hear someone that sounds like him whisper "we're gonna get sued by Taylor Swift tomorrow" into a mic when Billie is introducing Damon. Not a horrible joke on its own, but just kind of painting her as hysterical for defending her songwriting against that jerk. And Billie bringing him onto stage after he dragged Taylor and said Billie and Finneas were good songwriters is kind of pathetic.

  25. Both are great in their own ways. The only real issue with the TV (5 min version) is the backing track mixing/production.

  26. She just left his place for the final time (the first two lines are about her taking the picture of them with her I assume). Seems like he broke it off and she’s kind of done fighting for it, she feels empty/vacant (lost in the gray).

  27. And it’s purple! Does that mean speak now will be a surprise drop on record store day?! 👀 🤡

  28. I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment. Even though I’ve already posted in the theories thread about the Speak Now clues, it’s possible that RSD is just using the purple to get Swifties hyped for a Record Store Day surprise even if all that happens is she releases the Lakes single and makes an IG post in support of RSD. So they COULD just be toying with us to get more attention on RSD.

  29. Nobody’s talking about the blue font? I hate April Fool’s Day lol the one day real theories can’t be clowned upon!

  30. People speculating Bad Blood TV coming soon because it’s showing on Shazam….People speculating about a Taylor x Cardi colab………Cardi replacing Kendrick on Bad Blood TV???

  31. Seems to be fake. Would be a bold move leading 1989 TV with Bad Blood.

  32. you're right but they said a very specific and risky prediction which is that Taylor will promote new music in the met gala. she has never done anything like that before

  33. Yeah I was glad that it was specific, most accounts use vague language to hedge their bets. But there’s little risk involved. If they’re wrong, people will forget it, they will update their story (her plans changed…)

  34. This is a common question whenever anything good comes out of something very bad. But even as a thought experiment, it's not really the adversity we face that is to thank for the strides we make, it's our own willpower and resilience.

  35. This Love was my first thought as well. Out of the Woods, Clean, Call It What You Want. I feel like a lot of Antonoff songs would sound nice because he adds a lot of pleasing sounds in the background as his songs progress.

  36. Kitty Committee Studio didn't have a lot of equipment so I'm not sure how interested Taylor is in the technical side of producing music.

  37. Well it was originally only setup for recording vocals. They got piano mics setup for Joe to record Evermore there. She could add what she wanted and pay for a technician to help her get used to the equipment/control board. It’s really just a hypothetical though.

  38. isn't speak now solo produced and written?!?

  39. No she co-produced it with Nathan Chapman. But that gives me an interesting thought. What if she used Speak Now TV as her first solo produced album? That would be quite cool, to be the solo writer and producer of that entire album (excluding the deluxe and vault tracks)!

  40. All of it. I loved watching the making of a song videos as well, especially working out the musical aspects of the songs (as opposed to her lyrical process which is fascinating as well but less camera friendly lol). Most of all I would be interested in seeing how she formulated the plan and her execution of it, reacting to her successes as well as the low points (her talking about what Scott and Scooter did). It has the makings of a great comeback story, especially if the team behind Miss Americana are involved.

  41. She worked very closely with Max Martin on vocals for 1989. He was the vocal producer across all of the album, and he's a vocal master. They used a specific microphone for the vocals on 1989, after testing a lot of different mics. Her diction on 1989 is very specific - I don't know which songs were recorded first, but I get the feeling that after recording the first few songs, she decided to stick with her new direction -- very clipped and theatrical pronunciations, etc. -- across all the other tracks. That's off the top of my head.

  42. It’s hard to describe how absurdly pleased I was when she switched up the starting phrase in “Don’t You” to “You Don’t…” for the chorus. Some of the stuff she does is deceptively simple but so next level really. I know it’s a different technique than you’re describing, but similarly effective.

  43. from the "making of" videos you can tell she wrote it in august when she was still with Tom and she mostly writes her songs about specific emotions or situations rather than a person so in my opinion she started KOMH before even being serious with Joe.

  44. I really wanted to do a hair deep dive on the making of videos! Should be pretty easy to tell when things were written. Have you seen anything like that?

  45. It's about disillusionment. Consider the next line: "Paper cut stings from our paper-thin plans." She's talking about how they built up the relationship — "united we stand / Our country" but it didn't turn out to be what they thought it was — "guess it was a lawless land." The "our songs, our films" bit is to cue the connection between their personal life — how well they vibed together — and the metaphor of the country. The line before sets it up: "Now I'm searching for signs in a haunted club," AKA hyper-noticing the songs and films that remind her of the relationship.

  46. I’ve never seen the movie Taylor based the song off of - it’s a Netflix film called Someone Great - but I’ve always wondered what specific lines in DBATC might relate to moments in the film. The “United We Stand” part is certainly jarring for a Taylor lyric, especially prior to folklore where she went deeper into telling fictional narratives. But it works quite well in context.

  47. It’s another day and I am Once Again thinking about how underrated debut is.

  48. I know it’s simply because I’ve listened to Speak Now a bajillion more times, but lately I’ve found her debut to be fresher sounding to me than Speak Now. It’s such a pure album, and even though the tunes are simpler and less varied, it’s full of anthemic choruses and beautiful lyricism. Can’t wait to hear it with her present day vocals!

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