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  1. I am also enjoying Looking Forward To It - especially the second season, the time travel blew me away!! /s

  2. Noah writes and directs scenes that mimic real life differently than other directors. A lot of what i think makes the scene look more real and vivid is people stammering when they are trying to speak or talking over each other in an argument. I've never seen another director write or fillm scenes like this. maybe to lesser degrees for one or two times in the film. Noah does it the entire film though.

  3. There's a special humour he adds with his writing. I'm looking forward to him & Greta Gerwig on what they do with Barbie.

  4. I love Lady Bird. Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie are two of my favorite working actors. It could be sooooo good.

  5. Yeah, It's gonna be a very good movie. An extremely talented couple is working on it, I don't want anything more.

  6. But Game of Thrones's seasons filming got completed in around 5-6 months, it's still 3-4 months more.

  7. I don't know which one will play Rhaenyra better but both actresses gives me pure Targaryen vibes.

  8. iirc Milly Alcock is playing a young Rhaenyra Targaryen, whereas Emma D'Arcy is playing Rhaenyra Targaryen in adulthood.

  9. Yeah, I know but let's see who'll play her better. I'm hopeful for both.💯

  10. I think Better Call Saul is going to sweep the Emmys

  11. I think it's ok for you to watch the Korean one first.

  12. Alright but what do you think is the reason I should watch it first, What's better?

  13. Easily the Boys. It's just better written, better characterized, better performed (tbf UA isn't badly performed but The Boys blows them out of the water) and just generally better. The Umbrella Academy has some pretty shoddy writing.

  14. The Boys is like the Stranger Things of Primevideo now. They have to keep it's quality on the top. UA is still good but Boys is unique in it's own way.

  15. Stupid decision to have a Targaeryen prequel instead of the planned Age of Heroes prequel they ended up scrapping

  16. Didn’t HBO basically say a few months back that, after the first GoT spin-off, they were not going to do any others without precedence? And then immediately they green lit 2, if I recall?

  17. No other show has been green lit other than this. 7 projects are in development but not confirmed.

  18. This is 🔥 definitely one of my favorite promo pics so far!

  19. With just a strike of rumour. Think what's gonna happen if they actually make this show.

  20. I'm literally supposed to be studying for my botany finals and instead I'm refreshing Twitter and Reddit like crazy...Worth it.

  21. I'm wondering why people assume that pinning the trailers on IG and removing the Targaryen sigil from the #HouseoftheDragon hashtag, means that some promotional material will be released.

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