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  1. The vroom vroom sound their car makes at red lights. Like dude. Cook it. You're in a Mazda.

  2. Honda actually and I'm trying not to let it die at low idle because it's a piece of shit, okay

  3. "I drive an hour each way!" Cool, so your 9-5 is actually 8-6, but you only get paid from 9-5.

  4. I have an hour commute. It sucks but I can only afford a house in small towns outside of the city. I'd rather brag about living closer to work!

  5. Number 1 in obesity! Here’s a hint, america isn’t number one in anything.

  6. We're all fat. I'm actually underweight and struggling to gain weight in a land of cheeseburgers and fries. I have high cholesterol from no lack of trying so there's that.

  7. Lots of people at tiktok disagree. People make videos where they cover their mouth when singing along to a song with the n word in it. My favorites are the parodies where people cover their mouths during the last part of the word vinegar

  8. I was applying for a loan last year and submitted my W-2s for the last 2 years. My lender called and asked why the most recent one was only 75% of the earlier one. I completely forgot to tell her I went on maternity leave and my maternity pay came from short term disability. They didn’t ask for any proof, and were satisfied with a reasonable explanation.

  9. That's reassuring. I was dreading putting the process on hold but it's comforting hearing from people that were in similar situations. Thank you

  10. I was on a medical leave for 6 months. Got a letter of explanation from the benefits department and that’s all they needed to explain it.

  11. Are you actually dumb? I never said that was sexual assault I said that was a sign of someone you don’t wanna get close to. I was touched and manipulated for fucking months. God read through the lines.

  12. I think you're just confusing people because your first line is "I became friends with my sexual assaulter".

  13. We just had a coup attempt by a President who lost an election and still refuses to concede. Roughly a third of the country thinks he ought to still be president.

  14. Idk man. That president who forced native Americans to move west during the expansion was not a great guy either.

  15. I guess my eyes. They're a light green, almost like a icy color with a dark blue ring. And a single dark spot on one of them in the center.

  16. So my step dad unfortunately believes the earth is flatyand he had us all watch this YouTube "documentary" about the concept. Apparently they believe there's this old Japanese map that depicts more continents beyond the arctic walls. And the government is hiding it from us because it's more resources? Anyways, it was hard to sit through.

  17. You have 60 days from the date on the check to roll it over to a Traditional IRA or else you will owe about $3200 taxes + penalty when you file your tax return April 2023.

  18. Oh okay I see. It looks like a regular check so I wasn't sure about that. I never really had alot to do with it. My employer seemed to take care of it automatically and it was briefly explained that we'd receive checks to do with what we wanted. All the office people were removed and replaced too so I was unsure of who to speak to about it, especially in the middle of the transition phase. I have a roth IRA ready to transfer it to but I was thinking that I could avoid a penalty fee if I use some of it before rolling it over. But if it's not to be used like a traditional check, I'll just roll it over and let it grow while I look for houses.

  19. Was your contribution to a Roth 401k? If not you will be taxed. Better to roll it to a Traditional IRA.

  20. It was a roth 401k. I didn't know about the penalty for not putting it into a roth IRA. I'm glad it worked out this way then and I'll remember this for the future. Thanks again!

  21. Black and white used to describe people is kinda weird. People are brown, tan, peach, pink. I would like to be referred to as a fruit/candy that best represents my color. Peach American

  22. They call white people that because they used to "crack the whip". Really wanna give them that power thinking it's derogatory?

  23. Me explaining to my dad why I don't visit as often. I explained that I'm always tired and depressed from my job (EMT) and that I've recently had a bad string of traumatic calls. The 4 hour drive is something that's always expected of me and they never drive up here to visit. He responded with how I knew that I was going to see some bad shit when I signed up for this job and if I don't like it, mcdonald's is hiring. I was speechless. Still am.

  24. LoL we don't have the best health care and INSERT BLANKET STATEMENT so we can't remind China how messed up Tiananmen square is? In the US we have problems but at least people here actively try to recognize the true history of what we've done. You know how many discussions about the messed-up colonization of the past are going on? Stay strong China, fight against your leaders!

  25. Cruelty towards robots. Imagine having a lengthy conversation about your feelings with Alexa and she's actually responding (maybe in a less robotic voice) maybe Steve cheated on you again and you ask her for advice and she answers with the most honest voice.

  26. Uhh no. Because I'm married to Lydia in skyrim right now and I cannot imagine my life without her. She carries all of my weight

  27. It's what happens when every couple that is buying a house is making tech money, easily both individually making over 100k a year, more than likely over 200k per person for a couple that is more established and looking to buy a home.

  28. Uhm.. Okay I'm an electrical engineer with no children and car paid off but that's a stupid amount of money for a small house. Not a good investment lol.

  29. Well yeah but that doesn't really change people's circumstances when they have to be close enough to commute and the average house is more like 800k. The further out from Seattle you go, the more expensive homes get, like Bellevue, Issaquah, and other places don't really get much cheaper at all, like Tukwila and Renton. It's just a shit show out here, honestly. Also, there's no state income tax, so people have a chunk more money here than other states with state income tax.

  30. I mean. If you're okay with a house the size of a one bedroom apartment, go for it! It sounds like it sucks to live in a state where that's the norm.

  31. Newer, thrilling, suspenseful podcasts? One off episode or show.

  32. Sirens is good! They cover mostly southern US lesser known things. They covered the Lauren Bible disappearances and they actually got the author of a book about it on there. Idk I found it interesting. You might like it!

  33. I’ve been listening to Souther Fried True Crime and while I disagree with her Darlie Routier stance I like it so far. I have to like the narrator’s voice to become a loyal listener and I really enjoy hers.

  34. I love southern true crime. I've been binging Sirens for a bit and they sound so relatable. They always have authors and lawyers and stuff which adds really cool perspective. I'll have to check out southern fried too!

  35. Unless you play green. They have 8-8 cards for the cost of 4 green.

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