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  1. Poor kid. 😞 she is vile. A Mom would be comforting their child. Not taking photos!

  2. Yoga is supposed to be a relaxing and serene experience. If I went to a class and it was this packed I would leave. Probably bumping people trying to get into poses. Not very namaste.


  4. Crying about the boolies. Here, have a cucumber and a banana kindness warriors. 🤡

  5. Meghan does not want to be associated with someone as lowbrow and tacky as Hillary. Her grift game demands that she try and stay above such vulgarities as Hillary.

  6. Right. If MM knows what’s good for her image she won’t be caught dead with a woman who painted herself brown to fake an identity.

  7. ‘I married a visible man’ as opposed to….a ghost? A gust of wind?!

  8. I’m going to vomit. Once again making the loss of life about them. We all heard the phone call asking her to come to New Mexico. Hell, she couldn’t even be bothered to answer the phone the first time he tried to reach her. Neither of them feel nothing except inconvenienced that their money is drying up.

  9. Thank you for all that work! ☺️ This is all I see when I read their dialogue:

  10. If he would just start doing the complete opposite of what he’s doing now he may have a smidgy of a chance at a shot of redemption. This jackass just can’t stop himself from making this situation worse and worse.

  11. Between 7-9k. The “It’s all Bull” article brought me here around January 2021.

  12. No they aren’t actively trying to sell the Manhattan apartment, but they’ve quietly tried to unload it a couple years ago.

  13. Now Alec wants to talk about gun safety. Fuck all the way the hell off. The time to consider gun safety was before you pointed at a living being. These turds are truly unbelievable.

  14. Welp, I guess we can all forget Hillary’s brown face cultural appropriation, and her bounce back grift. She’s just super great, a kind person, and a wonderful mother to boot. I cannot believe they’re actually getting guests for this podcast. Why is she being given a platform at all? When is the bloviator going to run out of money? How long until they are fully canceled? Money > Integrity I suppose until it runs out whenever that might be.

  15. She doesn’t want to move to Vermont. So she’s trying to stay relevant. ?

  16. She better work ‘a lot a blases’ to pay taxes and fees to keep the sky dungeon.

  17. The nannies and you went to Target to get some Christmas ornaments. FIFY Like Target is gonna sponsor your sorry ass.

  18. To have MeddyLoo! Just that one time (but she had to have had her eggs harvested, just in case, before becoming pregnant with Edu - you know, as one does).

  19. Whoever is in charge of monitoring the IVF clinic freezers can you “accidentally” take their baby batter out and let it thaw. You’ll be saving another child from her abuse.

  20. Wow, I have never seen this video. This is who she is. Performative, culturally appropriating, yoga appropriating, fake-loving mom, entitled bitch.

  21. Self proclaimed “radical feminist” doesn’t take initiative with her own birth control… K babes

  22. She’s clearly never been really stalked and been thru a court case with a real stalker if she allows these strangers to do this and engages them. Psychopath herself.

  23. Okay but what other sources other than it’s possible to wear a prosthetic , not disagreeing that it’s possible just want to know the other evidence

  24. One day she will look 9 months pregnant, the next day not or even a few hours later.

  25. Why do they have to write it like that?? Even she admits that one of those seven kids she didn’t birth. So why would they put it in all caps like that? 🙄

  26. A dress that doesn’t fit properly never mind the other hideous fashion factors.

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