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Cat broke into Lynx's cage and now they are best buds.

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  1. Tape off the sides of the crack blue painters tape. Fill it in with black CA glue, use a needle to apply small amounts, spray it with instant activator. Don’t overfill the crack or you’ll have to sand. When the crack is repaired. Start using oadies wood butter, 2/3 times a year. Don’t use any solvents to clean that table, ever.

  2. Tinder uses similar tech to create fake profiles that will interact with you, encourage swiping. Tinder is the most profitable app in the store.

  3. Find your local dealer. Ask them questions before you spend have of the saws cost in shipping.

  4. For tools that definitely should have been 3/4 ply. Next time use pocket holes or dowel rods and skip the 45° braces. Looks square tho. Overall not bad for a green horn. Keep at it

  5. Skin to skin contact is beneficial for newborn development.

  6. Mine are nearly the same except I turned off the fan. My PETG prints always warp when I use the cooling fan

  7. I am using Cura recommended settings with 20% infill. 220/60

  8. “And some plastics can withstand pretty decent pressures”. No, no they cannot. You can’t use plastics for subsonic pistol rounds above .22, you may get 20 rounds out of them, and then probably lose fingers. Barrels need to be steel, or at least a barrel liner, and even with a liner I wouldn’t trust it at all.

  9. Dear lord where is that wedding ring I keep on hand for moments like this

  10. Clears print bed of dust before printing. Sometimes I use to move/clear stringing on first layer

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